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Just by sniffing the dog should take the bacteria. The full extent is only 36 hours later. Affected animals refuse food and catch severe diarrhea. Any liquid taken by the dog is excreted a little later than pure blood. Is this horror bacteria really there?

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The text is shared several times on social media platforms and is a strong reminder of the Remscheid case.

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Attention to all dog owners
Right now, a very aggressive bacteria (possibly) infects dogs!
It starts with the refusal of food, and only 36 hours later, the animals have diarrhea.
Meanwhile, the bacteria is already working on the intestinal walls of dogs.
Vomiting later.
Dogs lose a lot of weight.
What the dog consumes in terms of fluid comes out of the gut in short time, later than pure blood.
The bacterium is captured by sniffing.
Some dogs have become sick, have been saved, have died or are still struggling to save their lives, like the 1.2 kg of our Minimausi Beck ….
Everyone had the same condition!
Please, take care of your animals and go to the vet at the first sign! Here the elimination of Beck! He is now out of danger

Is it really this aggressive bacterium?

Veterinarian Anke Meeuw writes in cooperation with the colleague dealing with the Remscheid case:

The verification of the facts

If we search something in the comments, we find the corresponding statements of some dog owners whose dog suffered the same fate. A user mentions the Ruhr / Essen region. The geographical situation corresponds to the cases of Remscheid.

Because in Remscheid and the surrounding area, but also with me (Anke) in Berlin, there are many dogs that are currently suffering from bloody diarrhea and vomiting. In humans, we would call this a gastrointestinal flu.

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Especially in such weather conditions, it often happens that in puddles after heavy rains, the germs multiply, which are then absorbed by the dogs. Agricultural spills can also introduce sprouts into the rainwater and cause these symptoms. This is not uncommon in these weather conditions.

In the case of Remscheid, an already older animal (16 years old) died of this diarrhea. But there is no reason to panic, and nothing is new or very dangerous.

Usually, a few days of diet and medicine against nausea and diarrhea completely. In severe cases, you can also administer fluid by infusion so that the dog does not dry out.

In this case, a sample was sent to the laboratory to determine which bacterium or virus is responsible for this gastrointestinal flu.

This increase in diarrhea is quite normal in the current climate and is generally completely harmless.

In very sick or elderly dogs, the course can also be fatal, but this is due more to the underlying diseases or to the age. The body can no longer defend itself against these diseases.

What can you do quickly at home?

Very importantly, a dog with acute diarrhea should always be allowed to drink and eat and must do so. You are welcome to cook chicken with rice, as a light meal, or even a Morosche soup (carrot soup).

Importantly, diets should not be administered for more than three days.

A very mild fennel tea can also soothe the gastrointestinal tract, with a little sugar and salt to balance the electrolytes.

Some dogs prefer a meat broth with rice, which is good too.

Please do not be hungry!

And please contact your vet quickly if the diarrhea is very severe and bloody or comes with vomiting.

Sincerely to the colleague!

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