What is green coffee and how does it work?


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Cure miracle or not? This is how green coffee works

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Green coffee is said to contribute to weight loss and slow down the aging process because of the antioxidants it contains.

What makes green coffee special and how can it help you lose weight? We present you the so-called miracle cure.

Green coffee: What seems extraordinary at the beginning is none other than unroasted coffee. However, it would have different effects! Green coffee beans should, in addition to their stimulating effect, limit appetite, contribute to weight loss and have an antioxidant effect. We looked more closely at the so-called "miracle cure".

Green Coffee: What makes it special?

The dark brown coffee beans that we normally know and the unroasted green beans contain caffeine. What sets coffee beans apart, however, is that green coffee does not actually taste like coffee, but rather the taste of green tea. As a drink, you will find it less often. The green coffee is rather offered in the form of extract or capsule. But why

As it is not roasted, green coffee still contains the full profile of nutrients. These nutrients include, among others, chlorogenic acid and this is exactly what green coffee does for some sort of miracle cure – including weight loss -.

Chromogenic acid: slimming and anti-aging?

The cholorogenic acid contained in green coffee is one of the polyphenols. These are the phytochemicals known for their strong antioxidant activity. Antioxidants should in turn slow down the aging process and strengthen our immune system.

The colorogenic acid, which is also found in artichokes, nettles and potatoes, is also touted for its slimming effect. As a result, the plant substance should have a positive effect on blood sugar and blood lipid levels and therefore on fat burning, as well as reduce the feeling of hunger. The first studies on green coffee already confirm these modes of action, but they have in fact only been carried out by very small groups and are therefore not sufficiently significant. So, if green coffee really helps to lose weight is not confirmed yet.

Conclusion: Even green coffee is not a miracle cure

In the end, you can not expect miracles with green coffee. In terms of both weight loss and slowing the aging process, a healthy and balanced diet and proper exercise can not be replaced by green coffee.

As an alternative to roasted coffee, green coffee can certainly be used. It should be noted that cholorogenic acid can irritate the stomach. So pay attention to your individual health.

With these tips, roasted coffee can help you lose weight. And more on diets in general, you can read on our diet page. Let yourself be inspired by the drinks on our thematic page.

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