The darn sunscreen – writing contest

Zisch-Schreibwettbewerb Spring 2019 II

Monday 01 July 2019 at 14:24

writing contest

The colorful dragon Balbo lives with his family and friends on an island. There is an extinct volcano there. Balbo dreams to become a famous rock explorer. With his friends, he explores the volcano every day after school. Before Balbo goes to school, he has to rub himself with sunscreen because he has one. sun allergy at.

Today, Balbo has been sleeping too long. Now he has to have a quick breakfast, brush his teeth and get shaved. When he comes to school, his friends look at him with surprise. "You look different today," says Mathilda, her best friend. Balbo shrugs and says, "After school, we go to the volcano, I have my research equipment with me." On the way the volcano suddenly gets hot and its colorful sheds burn terribly. "What's going on, I've made some cream," he wondered. Mathilda shouts: "Look at your scales, they are no longer colored, they are fiery red!" Balbo is sweating more and more and Mathilda says, "Come on, I'll take you home quickly and then investigate we, what happened! "

Finally, they are at home and Balbo jumps into the tub and lets the cold water overwhelm him. "Oh, that's good," says Balbo. Suddenly, he sees his big inkwell stand in the bathroom and asks himself: "Did I join this morning? ink with cream? "Mathilda starts to laugh and Balbo says," What a day! "