Sun creams have become more expensive – low consumption

Sun creams have become 11% more expensive in the last two years. Consumption is not particularly high, despite the risks of skin cancer.

Sunscreens are expensive. Especially for a high sun protection factor, you can spend even ten euros for a pack. According to information provided by the German press agency (dpa), the "Frankfurter Allgemeine", in the last two years, the Average price for a pack of sunscreen in the food trade and pharmacies of eleven percent increased to around 3.90 eurosThis resulted in a recent market study.

"Consumers had to pay nearly 40 cents more for solar products last year than two years ago"Says Nielsen cosmetics expert Enrico Krien the DPA.The most expensive is sunscreen in the south of Germany,

Consumption of sunscreen: In this city is little cream

The price of sun protection has increased while consumption has decreased. Thus, between early May 2018 and end of April 2019, a total of 58 million sunscreen wrappers, including creams, sun and self-tanning, were sold per capita in the grocery and food markets. from the pharmacy. This is not a complete package per consumer, 1.7% less than last year. It was the Summer 2018 extremely hot and the risk of skin cancer due to increased ultraviolet radiation is very high.

the Freiburger According to Enrico Krien, the most common use of sun creams; the inhabitants Stuttgart on the other hand, the rarest: there is not even half a pack of sunscreen sold per year and per person.

Here, Germans prefer to buy sunscreen

Overall, sales of The sunscreen to 195 million euros. Selbstbräuner achieved a turnover of approximately 10 million euros. "Our numbers show that self-tanners are becoming more and more popular with more and more consumersAccording to Krien, "while fewer sun creams and suns after were purchased compared to the previous year, more packs of self-tanning products ended up in the basket," especially pharmacies like DM and Rossmann are with a 70 percent market share popular with sunscreen buyers.

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