Sarah Wiener: The ban on glyphosate in Austria is an important step

Greens: Tomorrow's agriculture is poison-free

Strasbourg / Vienna (OTS) "I am delighted that the Austrian National Council has decided today that glyphosate, a pesticide, should no longer be allowed in Austria," said Sarah Wiener, MEP for the Greens. "A healthy diet starts in the healthy field, and the elimination of potentially harmful pesticides is a first step for the environment and health." Austria is therefore a pioneer in all of l & # 39; EU ".

The ban on glyphosate has yet to be confirmed by the European Commission after the decision of the Austrian National Council. Wiener assumes that will happen.

"Following the decision on the renewal of 2017, the Commission has reaffirmed that Member States can adopt national bans, which we have in black and white.In case of problems, the deputies will do everything in their power for the Commission to keep its promises, "said Mr Wiener.

In order to allow farmers, who will be affected by the banning of glyphosate, to switch to alternative methods, Wiener Begleitmaßnahmen calls: "Farmers can not stay in the rain when they change. technical and financial support, which can and should be integrated into the common agricultural policy. "

Wiener also points out that today 's success would not have been achieved without the involvement of NGOs and civil society over the years.

"I would like to thank all those who, through their expertise and commitment, have helped to ban one of the most prevalent pesticides in the fields of Austria." The next step must be that we can reach this goal in other EU Member States and finally ban glyphosate from the EU in 2022 and, therefore, other dubious pesticides.I will work for this as a MEP in the years ahead, "said Wiener.

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