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Summer, sun, beach! If there was not this flight and jet lag.
Humans are usually animals. Anything that breaks our routine is blocked. In the plane, we can not sleep, to the dream destination also. Theft and weather changes affect our normal sleep pattern – resulting in peace of mind. Hot tips are needed.


In the plane, I can barely sleep and even more because of jet lag

Whether for vacation or business, sleep is of paramount importance for our physical and mental fitness. We can regenerate enough only in sleep. But how can I rest at my destination?

Many travelers suffer from jet lag. This disruption of the sleep-wake rhythm occurs particularly during long-haul flights over several time zones. Simple tips help the body to convert.

2 tips to change the rhythm of sleep:

  • training:

    With seasonal changes over time, you can slowly get used to the new bedtime. It is best to go to bed a few minutes earlier or later, just two weeks, to facilitate the change of time.

  • Sleep Drinks:

    For short-term weather changes, for example when traveling, you can change the sleep pattern with herbal sleep aids. This also applies to sleep rhythms that are frequently modified and are particularly problematic for people with shift services.

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