Fashion No-Gos Beach: 5 Things To Never Wear

1. Cheap sunglasses

The sunglasses are the same as the sunglasses? By the way! Especially on the beach, sunglasses are not only fashionable accessories, but are also extremely important for the protection of our eyes against dangerous UVA and UVB rays. Cheap glasses without certified glasses only protect the eyes, which can cause irritation, inflammation and, at worst, poor vision. How to find high quality sunglasses that protect your eyes and are adapted to the particular lighting conditions of the beach, you will find here:

2. jewelry

Silver, pearls and precious stones are very sensitive and do not look like sea water or strong solar radiation. Fine sand is a poison for closure and frames, sunscreens can cause discoloration. In plain language: the jewels do not belong to the beach. If you still do not want to do without, you should probably always wear gold because the precious metal is relatively strong. What you need to consider when it comes to jewelry on vacation, we tell you here:

3rd velvet

Even though velvet bikinis and swimsuits are just a big trend, it is not recommended to wear them at the beach (especially with very fine sand), as the sand, even when wet, never comes out. tissue.

4. Poorly fitting beachwear

All women do not feel 100% comfortable in a swimsuit – even if the bottom of the bikini is not seated or if the top is constantly slipping, good mood and self-confidence are quickly in the basement. When you buy bikinis and swimsuits, make sure that they fit your body perfectly. Here are some helpful tips:

5. Leather bags

Decide already that you want to take your new bag with you wherever you go. Leather bags (especially those with metal details on the closure or handles) are certainly not on the beach. Leather and metal can scratch sand, salt water and sunscreen make stains and intense sunlight can discolor leather and crack. The smartest and least sensitive solution is that cloth bags