Event report, Saturday: DEFQON.1 – a love, a blood, a tribe

No waist or upper body and shorts, shoulders slightly red, a beer in hand and listen to music: the 2019 festival season is in full swing!
About 80,000 people danced around 150 beats per minute on music at 30 degrees and in the sunshine last weekend: From June 28 to 30, 2019, one of the biggest Harder-Styles festivals took place : the Defqon.1.

The festival

For the 17th time, Q-Dance organized the ever-popular festival in the Netherlands. While the first problems were still on the beach of Almere, the Defqon since 2011 at its current location is held in Biddinghuizen.
Tickets for the weekend and Saturday were sold this year before the official start of the presale. All unregistered ticket buyers were hoping for short-term cancellations to qualify for the coveted Saturday or weekend tickets.

Free: water and sunscreen

Digital signage at the festival grounds reminded visitors to drink enough and apply sunscreen. At the free water points, festival-goers take the opportunity to cool off and refresh others and fill their cans.
In addition, there was free sunscreen: donors were freely available. A festival visitor even went to the lightly burned festival visitors with his own bottle of solar milk, pointed the red spots and sprayed them with sunscreen. After a short conversation, he was still gone. Some of the other visitors to the festival also offered refreshments: the heated festivalgoers were refreshed with water guns and sprays. That day, everyone was grateful to have been able to relax.

A love

Those who did not just want to drink tap water needed tokens. Tokens are the tokens used on Defqon. For 15 € you have 5 tokens, for 30 € 10 tokens and so on. Conversion tables were available in each bureau de change. Prices for food and drinks were generally between 1 and 2 chips.

To eat or rest, festival-goers were drawn to the vast meadows in the shade. The few shady areas were very sought after and always full.
However, most of the people present were in front of the scenes, under a blazing sun. Some simply stood there and were visibly touched: tears ran down the cheek, eyes closed, songs were sung and sympathetic. Others felt the song in a different way and were off when dancing. No matter the celebration of each, whether exuberant or rather quiet, hips or totally upset, laughing or having tears in their eyes, they all had one thing in common: the obvious passion for this music!

The Defqon is a big popular hardstyle festival, so it was not surprising that long queues were formed at the merchants. Sunglasses, caps and compartments bearing the Defqon logo have been announced. The employees who worked there had a lot to do and sweat in their crew outfit in the sales tents. Nevertheless, they served their friendly customers in Dutch, English or German.
The extremely calm, understanding and friendly staff of all the stands, be they merchandise, food, drinks or symbolic exchanges, attracted attention: always a smile on the lips and not at all stressed or bored.

Scenography of red

A large part of the visitors were already very enthusiastic about the scenography of the main stage. This is one of the highlights of this festival.
The Red Stage once again impressed visitors this year with elaborate and detailed scenography. Naturally, the chosen color was red, in harmony with the other colors.
The DJ set was in a large tiger head. Above, there was a circle with many peaks, reminiscent of the sun. In the middle was the big Defqon logo. Below, you could see part of the face: a nose appearing under the logo and, below, a mouth.
Snake-shaped heads with pointed teeth protruded to the left and right of the serrated circle.
On the left as well as on the right edge of the central part of the scene was a sword with a skull. It seemed that these long swords would meet their lower side in the tiger's head.
Upward, beyond the structure, was another structure reminiscent of a ram's head, especially crooked horns.
In the secondary constructions of the main scene, the drawing was repeated with the skull and the sun and / or the Zackenkreis. A great boxing trick was hidden to the left and right: In a wide open mouth with sharp teeth. Of course, there were a lot of lights everywhere.

Power hour

Although from time to time a light breeze blew: Without perspiration it did not work.
The visitors of the Defqon were then properly warmed up to the Powerhour. At 4 pm, the main days were full. At first, about 40 large transparent water balls with colorful dots wandered over the heads of festival visitors. A little later, more and more big balls of water red, blue and silver were added. The powerhour was accompanied by many confetti and others with fireworks. Other huge water balls flew over the festival visitors: black red and footprints of our land. The big days have turned into a huge playground.
Whether it's throwing garbage in the air, rowing together on the ground or helicopters flying in a loop: the boredom did not arise at the power of the machines .
In addition to a variety of music and various DJs invited on the pier of the stage, one thing could not miss: once the arms moved "It was clear, which was to follow:" Yes yes, we go there. .. "the traditional hour of shared power, left-right jump!
After all, about 85,000 visitors to Defqon jumped on the ad early, and then quickly. "Most of them hugged and had fun living this event.

For the pilot of the helicopter that was still flying in the air, this group was to look like a colony of moving ants. The time has really come. Then, a large part of the visitors left the red zone and divided themselves between the different stages.
In addition to the red stage, there were blue, black, UV, magenta, indigo, yellow, gold, silver and purple stages. All stages had an individual design. Whatever everyone's favorite musical tastes, everyone gets their money's worth: Hardstyle, Rawstyle, Frenchcore or Hardcore, all genres are covered.

final show

Scenes with tent roofs have already impressed during the day with varied play of light.
That could only surpass the final show of 25 minutes on the main stage at 22:30. A highlight of this festival. This fire show and traditional fireworks on the theme of music followed the visitors with great attention and showed a mobile phone to record these awesome moments.
This year's Defqon anthem was composed of three distinct songs. Of course, these (Keltek, Phuture Noize and Sefa) found their place at the beginning, middle and end of the final show.
When Sefa's role finally began, festival visitors realized that it was over by the end of Defqon's Day 2.
Anyone who remembers the February anthem video has an idea of ​​how the festival area will go into time-lapse towards the end of this song. Another moment of goose bumps. So many people were tears in their eyes, overwhelmed by their feelings under fireworks, rolling their eyes and taking advantage of this indescribable moment.

A festival with overwhelming impressions, the feeling of freedom, happiness, sounds that touch the soul, live this music together, goose bumps under the burning sun, unforgettable moments: A blood, a love, a tribe … it was DEFQON 1!