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The new offer of Rupp + Hubrach effectively protects the eyes according to the recommendations of the WHO

Staying outdoors, playing sports, enjoying the sun means quality of life. But as pleasant as it is outdoors, it can damage our eyes: the thinner ozone layer has resulted in an increase in UV radiation around the world, even in the northern hemisphere. Rupp + Hubrach (R + H) has developed a new refinement allowing transparent eyeglass wearers to enjoy everyday life both inside and out: UV 400 protects the eyes at the most high level so that glasses wearers can enjoy the sun.

The protected vision is a quality of life

With UV 400 for everyday glasses, R + H offers protection against ultraviolet rays, which is natural for sunglasses. Even in the shade, about half of the harmful rays reach us. This gives the coveted tan, but the skin and stressed eyes. But who wants to wear sunglasses under shady trees or under an umbrella? Especially if you put yourself at ease on the couch with a good book in your hand? The fact that the eyes must be protected in the shade, many eyeglass wearers ignore it. UV 400 for clear prescription eyeglasses guarantees unlimited exposure to sunlight and protection against possible short- and long-term damage such as conjunctivitis or cataracts. And this always above today's standards.

Innovative UV finish that can do more

According to the current DIN EN ISO 13666 standard, ophthalmic lenses must prevent UV-B radiation from 280 to 315 nanometers (nm) and UV-A radiation from 315 to 380 nm. That's not all, according to the World Health Organization (WHO): it recommends a UV protection of 100 to 400 nm *. Manufacturers of sun creams, sunscreens and outerwear have already responded to these new requirements. With UV 400, there is now a decisive protection of 20 nm, even for R + H brand transparent lenses. The UV400 sunglasses are therefore ideal for a contemporary outdoor lifestyle, whatever the day or day. ;hour. The innovative UV protection is recognizable by its light yellow color.

Strong arguments in the conversation

With UV 400, opticians join a growing public, active outdoors, who loves to travel and who values ​​health, quality and visual comfort. UV 400 provides strong arguments in favor of consultation: the new development offers daily protection when wearing clear lenses, keeps eyes young and in shape – and thus develops a lasting anti-aging effect – and helps eyeglass wearers to enjoy their relaxed everyday life. The new advanced UV protection is now available for almost all R + H materials and glass designs. "Our goal is to make the wearing of prescription glasses comfortable and safe 24 hours a day," says Ralf Thiehofe, managing director of R + H. "We are delighted to be able to contribute to UV 400 and further strengthen opticians' relationships with their customers. customers. " Additional support is provided by R + H's optician partners with a complete marketing package under the slogan "Everyone should have it!". It also includes an easy-to-use, application-supported demonstration measurement tool that gives a detailed overview of the benefits of UV 400 on-site.

For more information on UV 400 and advertising, contact the R + H Marketing Center and www.rh-brillenglas.de,

* Source: WHO (https://www.who.int/uv/uv_and_health/en/)

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