Cooperation between Deutscher Krebshilfe and the German Handball Federation – Pharmaceutical Relations

Experts estimate that about half of cancers are due to lifestyle-related factors, such as smoking, an unbalanced diet, a lack of exercise and excessive exposure to UV rays. According to the German Association Against Cancer, every human being can contribute actively to the reduction of his own risk of cancer.

"Summer, sun and beach feel": during outdoor activities such as sunscreen beach volleyball, it is essential to prevent UV rays and sunburn. "The exercises and fresh air are healthy and allow you to stay in shape, but you must not forget the good sunscreen because the sun's UV rays can increase the risk of skin cancer and weaken your system immune system, "said Gerd Nettekoven, CEO of German Cancer Aid. "These primary prevention messages, as well as others, can present German cancer aid in beach handball in a positive environment," said Nettekoven.

Axel Kromer, sporting director of the DHB, welcomes the new cooperation partner: "A healthy lifestyle contributes significantly to health and the pleasure of living." In addition, too much UV light can hinder the recovery of optimal performance in a lifestyle sport such as beach handball. That's why DHB enjoys working with partners in the health and prevention sectors. "

Looking back: with the support of the German Handball Federation and the W├╝rttemberg Handball Association, the first beach handball court in Germany was completed on 23 June 1994. At the inauguration of the Installation, the pioneers of Bartenbach beach clashed against a selection of DHB. In the meantime, more than 50 beach handball tournaments were held in Bartenbach in all age and performance groups. This year Bartenbach is 25 years old.

The German Beach Open Supercup of Bartenbach is a tournament of the official series of qualifiers for the German championships. These will take place from August 2nd to 4th in Berlin.