A woman dies of a carnivorous disease in Florida 2

A woman dies of a carnivorous disease in Florida

A 77-year-old woman was infected with a carnivorous bacterium and died nearly two weeks after she fell and scraped her leg while she was walking on a Florida beach, her family announced Monday.

Wade Fleming told The Associated Press that his mother, Lynn Fleming, who had retired to the Gulf Coast in Florida, had stumbled and fell to the water on Coquina Beach while her family was visiting Pittsburgh. The wound swelled and continued to bleed, leading you to urgent care, where she was, she prescribed antibiotics and shot her tetanus.

The woman was taken to hospital a day later, where she was diagnosed with the disease of meat consumption and died Thursday after suffering two strokes and organ failure.

Lynn Fleming's death follows the case of a 12-year-old girl from Indiana who gratified her feet and hired the same rare bacteria that she encountered during her vacations. Florida last month at Panhandle Beach. Bacteria grow in warm, salty waters and are generally found in the south. Kylei Brown has almost lost her leg and physical therapy must be able to walk again.

Lynn Fleming, a retired bank employee from Charleroi, dreamed of moving to the area south of Tampa.

"She always wanted to move to Florida, but my father was half retired and he was a charter boat captain," he said. "After she died, she pulled the trigger."

Almost four years ago she moved to Ellenton, where she went for a walk, played cards and shared dinners with other retired friends from her singles club.

The day you scratched your leg, you embarked on one of your usual walks on the beach. Wade Fleming said the family did not think much about the cut, which was three-quarters of an inch (19 millimeters). But the blood continues to flow. Lynn Fleming invited her son and family to her monthly dinner in the retiree community the night before her return to Pittsburgh.

"They would never know that something was wrong," Fleming said.

After the departure of your son and family, the injury has worsened and your friends have persuaded your friends to go to an emergency care center where you killed a tetanus and prescribed antibiotics. The next day, while your friends were about to deliver the prescription medication, they found you half conscious in your bedroom. You rushed her to the hospital.

She was told that she was infected with the meat-eating bacteria, necrotizing fasciitis. She died after suffering two strokes and septic shock during her surgeries, saving her leg.

Date Updated: Jul 02, 2019 01:04