20 minutes – Summer flu invades Switzerland

With high temperatures, the medical thermometer is also increasing among a large number of people in Switzerland. "I've never been so much sweated in my life as today, when I went to sleep at 36 degrees with a cold and a fever of 39 degrees," complains. FT * He could not stand the extreme heat. "Sometimes I thought of moving to a hotel where it's cooler," says the 34-year-old.


Have you had or had the flu in the summer?

Instead of cooling off in the bathroom, ten-year-old K. R. *'s son has been in bed for several days. "He has a fever of 39 degrees and feels uncomfortable in the heat." Another father reported that his one year old daughter had a middle ear infection. "She is already the third child in our environment, who is touched." Previously, her partner had cough, sore throat and runny nose.

Other people in Switzerland have caught a cold during the heating phase. "My girlfriend was so hoarse that she had no voice," says a man.

Symptoms appear suddenly and violently

Cantonal doctors confirm that a summer flu is raging now. "Coxsackie viruses and enteroviruses, which can cause serious flu-like symptoms in no time, are common during the summer months," says Maha Züger, doctor from Schaffhauser canton. In the canton of Schaffhausen, more and more people are suffering from colds and fever. As the cases are not notifiable, there are no concrete figures. The symptoms defined by the doctor suddenly and violently. "In a few hours, the affected people feel a sore throat or ear and a runny nose. In most cases, there is fever at 39 degrees."

Some people would have gone to bed and sweated twice as much as the summer flu at this time of year, Züger said. "Since the body has to cope with the high outdoor temperature and fever associated with extreme heat, summer flu is particularly stressful for circulation." It is important to adjust the temperature of the room without air conditioning or fan.

Call for hygiene

Monika Hänggi, cantonal doctor for the Basel-Landschaft region, also said: "Some viruses, including cold viruses, can manifest as sore throats, hoarseness, coughing, runny noses, and even fever."

Hänggi says that viruses can be transmitted by droplets. "Therefore, it is important to respect the rules of hygiene, even during the heat." wash yourself.

A lot of Neocitran sold

Summer flu is also noticeable in pharmacies: at the end of June, many cold medicines were sold over-the-counter, as reported by employees at various Swiss pharmacies. "In June, we sold 12% more Neocitran than in June 2018. Demand for cough medicines is also stronger," said Megy Keller, co-CEO of Bahnhof-Apotheke Zürich.

Employees at the Schaffhausen train station pharmacy have recently served many clients with sore throats. "In June, we sold twice as many sprays for neck pain than in the past year," said Lena Rütschi, pharmacy assistant at the Schaffhausen station pharmacy. In addition, they had patients with scarlet fever. Cold medicines are also in demand at the Careland pharmacy in Aarau. "Many clients have sore throats, coughs or runny noses," says Pharmacy Assistant Céline Bachmann.

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