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The Department of Health finds "duck fleas" in Lake Zusmarshausen. Those who swim in the water run the risk of rash.

Zerkarien appears again in the Zusmarshauser Rothsee. This is announced by the health department of Augsburg. In fact, sucking-worm larvae have targeted ducks. But when people are infected, an itchy rash threatens. According to the Department of Health, this lasts up to three weeks.

Dangerous is the "Badedermatitis" of the cercaria, also called "duck fleas" in the vernacular language. Nevertheless, the eruption is boring and unpleasant. Only after ten to twenty days, the rash has usually disappeared. In the worst case, it can even cause shock and fever. The health department recommends caution, a bathing ban does not exist.

That's what bathers should know now

  • shorelines Swimmers should avoid riparian areas with shallow aquatic plants and adjacent to the water, and stay there only briefly.
  • bronzing cream Before swimming in the Rothsee, swimmers should be rubbed with an insoluble cream in the water, for example Vaseline or sunscreen.
  • dry After bathing in the Rothsee applies: Dry immediately. The swimsuits must also be changed to leave no chance for the cercaria to penetrate the skin.
  • scratch Even if it bothers you: Do not scrape to avoid secondary skin infections by bacteria.
  • treatment As a general rule, no medical treatment is necessary. A visit to the doctor may be appropriate to relieve symptoms by taking medications (antihistamines) and using refreshing and antiseptic gels.

As a rule, cercariae only infects ducks

As a rule, parasites infect waterfowl, according to health authorities in Bavaria. They dig into their skin, grow in their bodies and their eggs are excreted in the water with the feces of birds. The hatched larvae are so small that they can invade freshwater snails. A single snail can produce up to 10,000 cercariae. There, the larvae grow until they look for a so-called Endwirt. They swim in the water. At temperatures above 20 degrees, Cercaria can survive for about three days. As a rule, ducks are the final hosts. If a larva strays and attacks a human, it dies a little later, but it can cause a rash.

Read Now: Today's edition of your daily newspaper in electronic form.

Read Now: Today's edition of your daily newspaper in electronic form.

Not the first duck fleas in the Rothsee

This is not the first time Zerkarien appears in the Zusmarshauser Rothsee. In the summer of 2016, bathers' complaints about itchy rashes accumulated. At that time, warning signs and showers were installed at the edge of the water. The mayor of Zusmarshausen, Uhl, explained that the Rothsee is a natural water plan in which such a situation could occur. Critics have seen the cause of the cercaria problem in the Rothsee mud. In order to reduce people 's fears with regard to cercaire, Mayor Uhl, accompanied by municipal councilors, embarked on the Rothsee in the media. He did not have a rash.

As it seemed that Mayor Uhl jumps into the Rothsee, you can see in the video here.

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