Medicine: District Administrator represents Oettinger Hospital – Nachrichten Nördlingen

Mayor Petra Wagner highlights the importance of the clinic during the association's summer festival

At the summer party of the Society for the Promotion of Oettinger Hospital, the mayor, Petra Wagner, confirmed the essential function of the smallest clinic of the network of the joint venture (gKU ) the administrative district of Donau-Ries for Nordries and the neighboring region of Middle Franconia. With geriatric offers, the sleep laboratory and the weaning division (artificial respiration weaning), the Oettinger house occupies a niche in the hospitable landscape of the region, which must absolutely be preserved.

District Administrator Stefan Rößle, who is also chairman of the gKU's board of directors, assured, given recent statements by the managing director of the Bavarian hospital enterprise Siegfried Hasenbein, that there are too many hospitals in Germany to continue to run the three clinics in the Danube district. "We at gKU stay on our sites, there is no reason to change this structure." Oettingen Hospital is now even the most profitable of the three houses. "There were times, it was quite different. "

Rößle recalled the District Council 's decision to provide the municipal joint venture with a grant of 1.5 million euros per year for investments. In addition, with nurses, the gKU is on the right track. "Currently, we have 20 more forces than planned in the establishment plan." The summer program in the garden of the clinic included a conference by pharmacist Werner Metzger on possible drug interactions, as well as musical interludes of children's choir "Düzi". The dancers of SV Niederhofen-Ehingen performed dances and shows. (B)

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