Lose weight with cider vinegar: here's how the diet works

Apple cider vinegar is a real versatile. Lowering blood sugar, stimulating digestion and metabolism, giving beautiful skin and hair – there is almost nothing that apple cider vinegar can do. Even losing weight should be possible with apple cider vinegar. The miracle drug has a filling effect and should stimulate the burning of fat.

To lose weight with apple cider vinegar: here's how the apple cider vinegar diet works

The basic principle of the apple cider vinegar diet is quite simple: About 15 minutes before each meal, one drinks a glass of water with cider vinegar. Just mix a glass of tap water with two to three teaspoons of apple cider vinegar. If you do not like it at all, you can add honey or organic apple juice. But beware: the phrase "a lot helps a lot" is anything but desirable. Purely, you should never take apple cider vinegar because it could attack the throat and stomach. After the drink was sipped, the so-called have less hunger and eat less. In addition, the body should burn the calories absorbed faster.

Does apple cider vinegar really help you lose weight?

Drink a glass of water with apple cider vinegar before each meal and crush the pounds as if nothing had happened? It seems too good to be true. That apple cider vinegar really helps to lose weight has not been scientifically confirmed yet. By absorbing a liquid just before eating, it may be possible to eat less – however, metabolism and fat burning really can not be proven.

How much can you lose weight with the apple cider vinegar diet?

Anyone who follows a diet of apple cider vinegar for about two weeks will probably lose a few pounds, which is less due to apple cider vinegar itself, but to a lower food consumption. As a result, you should be wary of the yo-yo effect.