"French women do not think about dieting!"

The most important message from the Viennese nutrition consultant, Ursula Vybiral, is: "Losing weight only works with food." Here she explains what we can learn from French tricks.

Fantasy of life:
Enjoy and stay slim:
Is not it a contradiction?

On the contrary: staying slim or staying slim only works with pleasure. This includes good food as well as good shopping, good food and, ideally, good company. "The world belongs to the one who benefits", already knew the Italian poet Giacomo Leopardi (1798-1837).

Fantasy of life:
The pleasure, however, requires time …
That's true. And if we do not take them, we will skid – and it will always be at our expense. We then make reckless purchases and eat something in between. This "sausage-cheese scenario" unfortunately makes the numbers rise on the scale.

Fantasy of life:
French women are masters of pleasure, but do not eat very few calories. Why do you always stay slim?
It's easy to answer. French women live their lives to the fullest – in the true sense of the word. But we only see part of their lifestyle. What we do not see most of the time: the rest of the time, they are very disciplined, they move a lot, they drink three liters of water a day, eat little, not even at all, maybe can eat tomatoes with goat cheese for lunch. In the evening you can see the appetizer the beautiful French foie gras, a rib of beef with sauce Béarnaise, a fisole with bacon as a main course and a Cheese Cheese Époisses, in the end. If you take a closer look, you also discover that they omit carbohydrates, especially at night: they do not eat baguette for cheese, potatoes for steak and chocolate fondant that cost at most with the espresso spoon. For this, they drink champagne and the best wines. But the freedom to live, eat, drink and always be slim at a price that many French women are willing to pay. Many have grown up with this lifestyle; their mothers have already illustrated them.

Fantasy of life:
What can we look for French?

Surely the good manners. French women do not think about diets or their weight. They live easily and have fun – but compensate for this again in moderation. French women have a balanced and long-term understanding of nutrition and their needs.

Fantasy of life:
Do obese people resist too much?
Of course. If you want to lose weight, you must eat – not chew the carrot, sipping cabbage soup and hoping the day will end soon. But it's also clear that with a huge portion of lasagna at night, I will not really come to the desired destination. No more lasagna? Also wrong! I recommend a normal lunch and a big crunchy salad. Or in the evening instead of zucchini leaves in the tube with fresh Bolognese and parmesan cheese on top. With both variants, you can lose weight wonderfully and both variants have good taste. The secret is: eat better, not less. And look at the time.

Fantasy of life:
The diets that make you kasteit are
without meaning?
They only bring frustration. You are torturing yourself, you are hungry, you are in a bad mood or even unhappy. The few pounds you have lost in suffering, have come back faster than you are expensive.
Because through caste, you enter the "craving mode", causing irrepressible desire and possibly even binge eating. In the end, you take even more and may even hate you.
Eat better, not less!

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