Fans can aggravate allergies

For some, a restful sleep is almost impossible. Almost all people whose apartment is affected by the heat wave will warm up with a fan during the hottest months. However, it can even be harmful to sleep with him – if you are prone to allergic reactions.

Fans can increase allergies


Do you suffer from an allergy?

Some need it to fall asleep and stay cool during the night. He keeps others awake, triggers asthma attacks and dries his eyes. For some, this can even worsen pollen allergy. Through the movements in the room, it whirls the dust and the pollen is projected without interruption. If someone tends to have allergies, asthma and hay fever, he should give up a fan for this reason.

Dry skin and irritations

Otherwise, you should dust it anyway before each use. By regularly using a fan, you can also have dry skin. Some people sleep half-open. These can then dry out and cause skin irritation. Also for contact lens wearers, the use of a fan can be problematic.

But fortunately, there are alternatives. In order to calm you down and not to sleep with a heated body, there are simple and user-friendly methods that we have summarized here for a cool apartment and for a restful sleep despite the heat. Take a cold bath or shower, drink cold drinks regularly and attach reflective material to windows.

Even air conditioners devoid of pollen filtering system or models often used in hotels, air pollutants and cigarettes can aggravate the symptoms of an allergy.

If you want to know how much pollen a tree can contain:

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