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No longer talking? I wonder how they feel if they reach? Hope this helps! ❤

There are many versions of "How do they feel about you?" many readers (too many names, googling is easier), but I know Tyler Tarot is specifically doing "Do they reach?"
View its channel and readings on Tyler Tarot (unrelated by simply crediting and providing information)

credit spread: Soul Moon Tarot

The cards are casinos mixed from the camera (otherwise it catches the fabric, emits sound), then slide the camera.

Spreadsheets are explained where I need it.

It must be a romantic love that reads, but can be different (eg Family, friendship, etc.).

I think this is a common reading and will not reflect with everyone – take what resonates and leaves the rest.

Check your lunar, rising and venus signs to find out. To find your moon / rising / vein, go to (it's free and not affiliated).

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Recommend reader calls:

*** Intuitive Tarot (Unique Souls)
*** Intuitive Scott Sati Tarot

Decks used to read:

Fountain Tarot
Crystal Visions Tarot
Tarot dice
Carrier Waite tin
Mondnacht Lenormand
Mystery Lunar Double Flame Messages, Twin Flame Shadows, and Mystic Moon Oracles
The Mystic Moon Channel is unrelated and we don't know each other

Nails: ZOYA Loretta with OPI Altar Ego

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