The city of Lahr renounces the use of pesticides – Lahr

The city implements the decisions of the environmental committee and abstains from using pesticides. The ban is also part of the leases.

A year ago, the Environment Committee decided that the city should no longer use pesticides in public spaces. "We do it, even though sometimes it 's not easy and overtime," said Richard Sottru, head of the Green Department of the Environment and the Environment, at the request of representatives of the BUND and the Nature Conservation Union (Nabu), members of the Environment Committee.

The renunciation meant a much heavier workload, for example, the yard, experimenting with a hot water appliance. But this requires fuel and he considers it an inappropriate inconvenience such as burning grass with an open flame. Sottru: "We have not found the philosopher's stone yet." The subsequent decision, the city may affect the companies in which it has the majority (such as the Municipal Housing Corporation) to refrain from pesticides, is implemented.

On agricultural land rented by the city, pesticides such as glyphosate or neonicotinoids are omitted. Sottru: "We have included this in the new leases." Only the tip of the flowerbands on the farm tracks is still waiting. "Here we still do not know how we can better implement this," said Sottru. On the one hand, the city would like to be reserved on the ecological account. However, it would come in other programs. Rolf Mauch (Free Voters) suggested including this requirement in lease agreements.

Walter Caroli (SPD) pointed out the vast areas of the company's premises, where he sees a huge potential for green spaces. Referring to the Volksbank project "Our region is flourishing and lively", he asked: "Why can not we also create a thriving industrial or commercial area?"

Claus Vollmer (Greens) is very pleased that the resolutions have been implemented: "It is also possible without pesticides, even if the effort is heavier." But he could not approve of the experience with the hot water: "This also kills the creatures of the soil, this is not the question."