Sunscreens significantly more expensive

Despite all the warnings about the risks of skin cancer, German sunscreen consumption remains manageable.

Frankfurt / Main (dpa) l Costly sunscreen: according to a recent market study on sunscreens, self-tanning products and similar products, German consumers have to dive deeper into their pockets. The average price of a pack of sunscreen in the food trade and in pharmacies has increased in the space of two years, by almost eleven percent, to establish at about 3 , 90 euros, announced the market research firm Nielsen in a recent study.

"Consumers had to pay nearly 40 cents more for solar products last year than two years ago," said Enrico Krien, Nielsen's cosmetics expert. According to Nielsen, the most expensive sunscreen is in the sunny south of Germany.

Despite all the warnings about the risks of skin cancer, German sunscreen consumption is manageable. In total, between the beginning of May 2018 and the end of April 2019, only 58 million packs of sunscreen, after-sun and self-tanning products were sold in grocery stores and drugstores – statistically, not even one package per consumer. Despite the summer of 2018, it was 1.7% lower than in the same period last year.

In total, German spending on solar protection totaled more than 226 million euros. The lion's share – a good 195 million euros – accounted for sunscreen. Consumers have spent about 20 million euros in after-sun products. For the self – tanner, something more than 10 million euros.

"Our numbers show that self-tanners are becoming increasingly popular with more and more consumers, that less sunscreen and after-sun have been purchased compared to the previous year, and that more cartons of 'self-tanners ended up in the basket,' said Krien.

Mainly at the pharmacy

Sunscreen is usually bought in pharmacies. According to market research experts dm, Rossmann and others have acquired a market share of more than 70% in the sale of sunscreen products. Discount stores and hypermarkets come a long way in second and third places.

According to Nielsen, consumers are most likely to use sun creams in the climate-favored region around Freiburg. The consumption of sunscreen is not about the cold north, but about the metropolitan area of ​​Stuttgart. According to Nielsen, frugal Swabians do not even buy half a pack of sunscreen, after sun or tanning a year.