Hollywood star with sunburn: Who has forgotten sunscreen? - people 2

Hollywood star with sunburn: Who has forgotten sunscreen? – people

Someone probably has a little too much sun!

This sounds painful, what this Hollywood star brought here after a sunbath! The upper body is redder than brown – sunburn is obvious. After all, the sunbather did not give up the swimsuit – testifies the all-white background.

On Instagram, he presented his tomato-red point of view – and wrote: "Sun out, cannons out, I think my honeymoon is a little crisp." Guess who is our Hollywood star of red-brown color?

The crisp red and white blend involves American actor Chris Pratt (40), who has just spent a honeymoon with Katherine Schwarzenegger (29), Arnie's daughter. The two moved for their honeymoon in Hawaii – and there is a lot of sun!

Pratt and Schwarzenegger gave their word on June 8 this year.

Some famous colleagues from Pratt did not want to comment on Instagram. "I'm a little scared for that," writes Gwyneth Paltrow. On one side, Goop is a familiar expression of "Pampe" (probably a sunscreen), on the other hand, the name of the lifestyle and wellness brand of Paltrow.

Ethan Hawke also spoke on Instagram. "At least now I know what I give you as a wedding gift.Also, you do not have to work so hard just to have an excuse to show your butt!" I found it inappropriate – but my wife said I love it! "Hmmmmmm".

Tip for next time: sunscreen does not hurt … unlike sunburn!