Currency: The Abi goes through – Mr. Urch: Best AKS-Abiturienten! Let's dig …

Saturday, June 29th 19. Berthold Urch, director brilliantly, gets in our way. In a few weeks, there are certificates for 750 students, Alfred Krupp High School. False! Today, there are 55 high school diplomas. Moment!
Previously, West Anzeiger was focusing on four (out of five). Einser-vor der Komma-Abiturienten The game is a kid game that answers your questions – while emitting festive sounds in the lighthouse of the school orchestra through the open door .

Five students 1 before the comma ", confirms Klaus Janiak, oberstufenkoko Kisses, cuddles from friends, fans, families to frequent travelers …

Wow! Lukas Finn Groß, Abi 1,2, 18, gets hit first. Then Arshia Shakeri, grade 1.5; 18 years old; Sumya Muralitharan, grade 1.7, 18 years old; Miriam Assidi, grade 1.8, 17 Lenze! Congratulations!

West Anzeiger: Was there pressure from the house
Lukas-Finn and Miriam: "No. Sumya: "Not really, there are always expectations!" Arshia: "Few, but enough to motivate me while disciplining me."

8 years AKS – agree? Or rather, 9 years old? Advantages …
Lukas-Finn: "8 years old, G9 does not make sense." Arshia: "8 years was enough for me, but I imagine it was too short for many students." Sumya: "8 years old, because a year could be saved." Miriam: "8 eagles were enough!"

For which subjects did you have to study or is there a subject for which you wanted to learn a lot?
Lukas Finn: "The main learning effort was history." Arshia: "The social sciences were much more demanding than the rest of the subjects." Sumya: "For math, I've learned a lot." Miriam: "Mathematics!"

Pocket money at home? Besides, already money "won"?

Lukas-Finn: "Pocket money from home." Arshia: "I have not made money, but I have enough pocket money." Sumya and Miriam gave classes.

Would you like to choose the same school again? If yes, why?

Lukas Finn: "Probably, the differences are not so big." Arshia: "" I would choose the same school because I am completely satisfied with the teacher, I have always been supported. "Sumya:" Yes, because the school has one. a lot of support. "Mirima:" Yes, best teacher. "

Next destination?
Lukas Finn: Studying mathematics in Bonn. "Arshia:" If it works, then hopefully in medicine. "Sumya:" Medicine at the University of Bochum or Essen. "Miriam: Economics or Trainee Management, Essen / Bochum."

What would you change to the SCHOOL concept?
Arshia: "Restructuring to put less pressure on students." Sumya: "Less pressure, more encouragement."

Highlights at school – outside?

Lukas Finn: "Mathematics competition course in recent years, especially participation in internship 2018 Mathematics Olympiad in Romania, 2019 in UK" Arshia: English LK's trip to London was a highlight for me. "Sumya:" Skiing, graduation trip to Holland, school release party. "

Superb fresh and friendly and colorful people. Congratulations to the school principal: "I'm glad you've been in our school for so long, of course, I wish them all the final baccalaureate they got, find a suitable job and, of course, a lot of personal happiness in life. "
On the way to the photo shoot, the schoolyard. Stop cars; The runners marvel, applaud. Elisabeth Frolova is tortured on heels of 10 cm, moaned; Shaken on the dress. The school friend comforts.
Then the troops return to the lighthouse. Cheering applause congratulates Klaus Janiak for his welcome. The effervescent applause collect music AG, choir, vocal ensemble, speech of the Abiturientenvertreter, representatives of parents – as well as a happy director and team! Alleluia!