Can not you lose belly fat? These three obstacles could stop you

FIGHT to lose weight? If you have trouble burning belly fat, these three obstacles may prevent you from doing so.

Do you find it difficult to move the hoop around your waist?

Sometimes losing weight requires more than a healthy diet and exercise.

Terri-Ann Nunns, diet expert, founder of Terri-Ann's diet plans, revealed the three factors that can affect your weight loss.

Here is his advice.

1. stress

If you feel anxious or stressed, you can gain weight.

Terri-Ann said, "This can lead to body fat in the middle of you.

"Several studies have shown that cortisol, a hormone produced in response to stress, leads to an accumulation of gastric fat."

Stress also promotes easy consumption. This is another reason why you can eat too much when you feel under the weather.

The NHS adds: "Under stress, it can be easy to take a sweet break.

"Do this often and you can gain weight."

2. Flatulence

If you want your tumor to look flat, it is best to eat foods that will inflate you in moderation.

Bubbling beverages, processed meats, and sweet treats can make your stomach swell.

To avoid this, limit these foods and drink a lot of still water to maintain the metabolism.

Terri-Ann said, "By inflating food, your stomach feels bigger than it really is.

"Drinking plenty of water, exercising and ensuring a high fiber diet, such as whole grains, fruits and vegetables, can help you avoid constipation and problems." stomach, which can often cause stomach upset. "

3. Menopause

If you are post-menopausal, you may notice that your waistline is widening.

As estrogen levels decrease during the course of change, the amount of Aldh1a3 may increase, making postmenopausal women more likely to take visceral fat.

Terri-Ann added, "As we get older, our metabolism slows down and our body fat percentage starts to increase.

"The breakdown of body fat changes with age, which can unfortunately lead to increased weight in the abdominal area."

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