20 minutes – "BVB proposes a new sauna with city tour"

Basel shines: temperatures climbed Wednesday to 36 degrees. Since it can be hot in public transport. "Sauna with a tour of the city, the new business model of BVB", jokes the reader. As proof, he still holds his watch in the camera, on the temperature display is clearly visible.


Are you more irritable because of the heat?

The public transport companies in Basel have already suspected that the heat wave would result in a flood of complaints. Humorous, they countered angry commuters with a post on social media. Under the inscription "Dictations that we hear today (and not only) in the Drämmli", BVB had collected the typical complaints and had made a bingo. In the background, the social media service ironically chose a winter image.

The BVB Facebook publication has been approved. For example, a user asks BVB a little more understanding: "Oh, everything is so wild, cool all and enjoy the weather." A user is simply delighted with the action, which is illustrated by many emoticons of laughter combined with the statement "Your Humor." Other BVB guests are a bit more sarcastic, as shown in a user's comment: "When I got out of the car, I l? found almost fresh outside. "

The police of Baselbieter also have fun

But it's not just in town that it's funny. With a humorous video also rides the Basel police on the heat wave. "Under this sun, you need sunscreen!", He says. On his Facebook page, there were already 121 likes Thursday. In fact, the police would not be sent on patrol with sunscreen, said police spokesman Marcel Wyss: "It was of course a gag, we did it only for the video."