Medicine: His ordination was the goal of Helmut Racic

Helmut Racic, a general practitioner in St. Veiter, is retiring. The cash register is already occupied.

ST. VEIT (stp). Helmut Racic practiced medicine as a general practitioner in St. Veit for nearly 40 years. On Friday, June 28th, ordination in Kirchgasse is opened one last time. Then the doctor retires. "It's not easy for me to stop and I look after many patients from the beginning, treating multiple generations of a family," says Racic.

More than 22,000 patients

In total, his file already contains more than 22,000 patients treated by the doctor. "The youngest patient has a few days, the oldest is 102 years old," says Racic, who at the beginning even treated patients still born in the 19th century.

The joy of general medicine Helmut Racic has already found in Graz. "You work close to the patient and cover a broad spectrum and several generations," he says. At the age of 30, the 68-year-old opened his own practice. Since 1989, he has been ordained in Kirchgasse. "Medicine has evolved tremendously in the last few years, and in my early days some leukemias were incurable, and today it's often enough to have a pill to live almost normally," says Racic, who is also involved for nearly 40 years. has always worked with his wife Elfriede.

"Important contact person"

During those years, interpersonal relationships were always important to the doctor. "People came to talk to me about everything and as a doctor, you are an important point of contact," says Racic, who has also completed many additional training in palliative medicine, acupuncture or nutritional medicine. "I've always wanted to capture all the people and help them psychologically or accompany them until the last day." Racic also served as Red Cross District Relief Physician, in support of the 39 bedside activity at St. Veit Lions Club.

From July he will have more time for his private life at the pension. "I was in practice every day starting at 7 am, the medication and the patients took me much of my life," Racic said. From now on, besides the family, there is more time for art, culture, science and hunting. "Finally, I wish to thank all my patients for their years of loyalty and trust."

Son Georg takes over

However, practice in Kirchgasse will not be empty long. His Georg Racic will install his veterinary practice in the premises. The estate of Helmut Racic's office is also regulated. Bernadette Ramprecht will open her new practice in Grabenstrasse in September. Edith Rader, a longtime collaborator with Helmut Racic, will also continue to work there.