The Council of States decides on two weeks of paternity leave, the National Council rejects the initiative on the ban on the use of drinking water and pesticides, and the Chinese president is makes for the first time in North Korea: the new compact of Thursday

The Council of States decides on paternity leave of two weeks. There were two options in the room: an initiative requiring four weeks and a counter-proposal for two weeks. The Council of States accepted the counterproposal of paternity leave with 26 yes against 16 against. To the report | To the comment | To the glory

The National Council rejects the initiative concerning the ban on drinking water and pesticides. Among other things, the first initiative requires that only farms receive direct payments or subsidies without the use of pesticides. The second calls for a general ban on synthetic pesticides in agriculture. The Federal Council also rejects initiatives and counter-proposals. To the message

Boris Johnson continues to strengthen his lead in Theresa May's successor. The favorite of the office received Thursday 157 of the 313 votes of the conservative faction. Minister of Foreign Affairs Jeremy Hunt and Environment Minister Michael Gove will also have a tour in advance. To the message | Who is still in the race to the May estate | At the photo gallery

New Zealand launches the purchase of semi-automatic rifles. New Zealand had decided, after the attack with 51 dead on two mosques this year, to ban semi-automatic military rifles. Two of these rifles were used in the attack, among others. To the message | Learn more about the stop

Iran kills an American "spy drone". This was confirmed by the Iranian Revolutionary Guards and the US Army. According to the Iranian Revolutionary Guards, the "American espionage drone" of the Global Hawk model over the province of Hormuzgan was shot down. Reporting

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Chinese President Xi Jinping is visiting North Korea for the first time. This is the first time that Xi travels to North Korea to meet with local leader Kim Jong Un. Another topic of discussion will be the negotiations between North Korea and the United States on his program. nuclear weapons. To the report | Update expected in the day.

At the Women's World Cup, the last matches of the preliminary round will be played. The Netherlands meets Canada in Reims. Wednesday night, England had beaten Japan 2-0 and had managed to win as a group winner in the second round. Argentina keeps a small chance to progress after a 3-3 draw against Scotland. To the message | These six players are sensation Watch the match of group E Netherlands-Canada from 18h in the live ticker

In Brussels, EU leaders will meet for their summer summit. On the agenda of the meeting, which is held from Thursday to Friday, add to poker for the EU the most prominent positions, including climate policy, the future of the euro zone and Russia. Brexit plays once for a minor role. Six answers to the summit | The future of the euro zone

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