SAY TIME …: introduce "happiness and health" as a subject – Friborg

BZ QUESTIONNAIRE, completed today by Christian Firus (54), author and senior physician in psychosomatic medicine.

FREIBURG-RIESELFELD (cfr). More gratitude for what we have and what works well in our society would do us good for everyone, says Christian Firus. A 54-year-old doctor, psychotherapist and author from Weinheim an der Bergstraße, he is a senior doctor in psychosomatic medicine at the Glotterbad Rehabilitation Clinic. Firus is married and has two children. He lives with his family in Rieselfeld.

You are organizing conferences to go out with luck – did you find it?
I admit that it is a somewhat striking title. Basically, it's about discovering how everyone can contribute to becoming happy and satisfied, despite their limitations.

And how does it work?
There are two key points: First, we should look for good relationships, that's very important. On the other hand, we should look beyond the areas where we experience meaning and meaning in our own actions and treat it.

What did you want to become as a child?
dustman. As a young pastor.

Your favorite place in Friborg?
The Mundenhof nature reserve and my terrace.

Your favorite restaurant in Friborg?
I do not have a favorite, but I love variety.

Your favorite subject in school?

What can you laugh at?
Good jokes.

What do you like to do during your free time?
Reading, jogging, cooking, singing (choir).

Which book has you most recently occupied?
"Stored in Eternity – How Imminent Death Experiences Change Consciousness" by Penny Sartori and Kelly Walsh.

When were you at the church for the last time?
In May at a show with the choir.

What are you afraid of?

Before my grandchildren no longer find a worthy future to be lived.

What do you like at home?
My curiosity, my various interests and my sense of humor.

What brings you to the palm?
A simplified view of problems and solutions.

Where do you like to go on vacation?
On the Lago di Mergozzo, on Langeoog, in the mountains …

Your biggest success?
My four books.
Which music do you like to listen to?
For breakfast, baroque music, otherwise different. My favorite band is currently the folk rock band Ranagri.

You will get a trip back in time – where are you going?
In the 50s, because I'm interested in the original atmosphere, but also to the non-management of the trauma of the war.

Who would you like to share with for a day?
With the Minister of Health, Jens Spahn, to better understand the influence of lobbyists. I would then like to inform the public about this.

Suppose you earn a million in Jauch. What are you doing with that?
Create a foundation that promotes education, equal opportunity and overall health, including the promotion of studies, independent of the pharmaceutical industry and other stakeholders.
Please complete: In the stove, I succeed better …
… vegetables, whole carrots and spelled bread.

Who wants to do something in my work, the …
… needs interest for people, empathy and creative ideas.

As Mayor of Friborg, I would like to …
… urge the Minister of Culture to introduce the theme of "happiness and health" and lift the domination of cognitive subjects in the fields of sport, art and the arts so that the brain has a chance to develop fully.

Appointment with luck – Strengthen your mental resilience, lecture of Christian Firus in the series "If old – but then new: impetus for the second half of life", Thursday, June 27 at 19 hours, district greenhouse, Maria-von-Rudloff -Place 2, information on