Friday's magazine | The five basic rules for a healthy tan

A subtle tan as beauty ideal is very common in this country. Men are pleased with the best visibility of the muscles and women can use tanned brooms and cellulite optimally. But the Swiss must protect themselves more because of their sensitive skin to the sun by tendency. DaylongTM knows the five most important principles for a healthy and lasting tan.

Avoid intensive sunbathing

The skin is sensitive to winter holidays and needs time to adapt to more powerful UV rays. Leave 10 to 30 minutes in the sun.

The right choice of sunscreen

Each skin is individual and requires a different sunscreen. DaylongTM offers a wide range of different products for different skin types. A look at the website is worth it. The SPF 30 is also the sun protection factor most used in Switzerland. Depending on the type of skin, sunscreen with SPF 50 is recommended.

Use a daily sunscreen

Whether in winter or summer, whether for road construction or office work, you should use sunscreen on a daily basis. Because UV rays are ubiquitous. In addition, sunscreen is the best anti-aging agent.

Stay in the shade between 11h and 15h

The skin also needs a break. These are the best placed between 11h and 15h. Then, the UV rays are the strongest and the probability of an undesirable sunburn is maximum.

Protect yourself with a hat, sunglasses and clothes

In addition to protecting the skin with sunscreen, sensitive areas should be protected by a hat, sunglasses and clothing. Children in particular should take this to heart, they have a much more sensitive skin to adults. Even the eyes can catch sunburn.

Together, reduce plastic waste

In collaboration with the KEIS Association, Daylong launches the first recycling system specifically used for sunscreen packaging. Now all manufacturers' packaging can be returned to participating Swiss pharmacies or pharmacies and disposed of in special recycling boxes. If you sign up, you get 20% off all dayTMAssortment. The campaign lasts until the end of July 2019.

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