Curvy Model Stands Up to Books: "Would not Lose Weight for the World!"

Hamburg – Angelina Kirsch is proud of her kilos and curves, often showing the Curvy model on her Instagram profile. Soon it goes in the comments but also below the belt.

Angelina Kirsch, model with generous curves, shows her tight swimsuit on the beach and on a boat.

"Disgusting" and "cellulite" make the 30-year-old girl read often under her pictures. But Angelina Kirsch has learned to handle it. She is supported by her fans.

"My fans help me," she said in an interview with RTL. The Curvy model says that in one incident his supporters had "fought back" and the malicious comments quickly disappeared.

In doing so, Kirsch realizes that, especially among men, he quickly passes to the belt. "It makes women very disturbed when they read this," she says. "It's dangerous and nasty." A "Bitchfight" among women is known, but that's another figure.

But she knows very well that she eats with her pictures. "I do not meet the ideal."

Kirsch also explains that she stays true to her limits: "I do not lose weight, not for the biggest career or for the biggest gain". Maybe many say that their career, whether it's money or a man, makes up for it, but if the 30-year-old girl's eyes are closed at night, she does not have it all, she -even.

"So I'm alone with myself," she says. What would you do if she was not happy? And that is exactly what she is with her books, and she will continue to present it to her fans.