How Benjamin von Moppel became a model

Red leather jacket, black jeans, a silver ring in the left ear. Nordhausener, 28, attracts you immediately. It is almost impossible to imagine that he has ever done anything other than modeling internationally.

With his very light Thuringian dialect, Kühnemund tells how he shot his whole life about five years ago and that the sport gave him pleasure and energy.

FIT FOR FUN: Drummer in a metalcore band, bank clerk and just playing in front of the lens with Cate Blanchett for a scent campaign. Unusual career!

Benjamin Kühnemund: I've always made music, founded my first band at 13 years old. Later, I worked in a bank. At one point I was sitting in a bar with a boyfriend and I was dissatisfied with all my life.

The music ended, my work annoyed me, I sat all day in a cage. My friend said, "You're a handsome boy, why not be a model?"

Then I ran from casting to casting, and nothing worked until I found myself with my Kult Models agency.

FIT FOR FUN: As well trained as today, you were not always there. Do you remember when you decided to change something?

Kühnemund: There was a moment aha in the shower which was extremely memorable. Everything seemed stupid, I had a feeling of emptiness. Go to the branch every day, always see the same thing, have the same pace, live the same thing.

Sport? Not done for years. I wanted to change my situation, search the Internet and talk to a friend. It has been said time and time again that sport should help and run wild

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