Swim or run? Here is the kind of cardio that an expert in weight loss should do

Swimming and running are effective forms of cardio that contribute to weight loss. Balanced with strength training that boosts your metabolism to help you burn more calories at rest, high calorie cardio is an essential part of any weight loss routine. (Try this workout plan to lose weight for a perfect balance.) But between swimming and running, which cardio exercise will give the best results in terms of weight loss? There are a few factors to consider, but in the end, it's important – to surprise! – Which one do you prefer? Let us explain.

"Consistency and comfort are the most important thing for losing weight and maintaining it," said Cindy Dallow, PhD, a sports dietician and certified triathlon American triathlon coach. This means that swimming and running can help you lose weight if you eat healthy. (This two-week plan for a healthy diet can help.) Nevertheless, Cindy told POPSUGAR that running would be likely to burn more calories (and get faster results) than swimming, simply because running requires more energy to move forward. "Swimming involves more" gliding "and possibly less strength, which reduces the intensity of activity, which reduces the number of calories burned," she said.

Running is also more convenient for people, said Cindy. You only need shoes and a street, while swimming requires water and a swimsuit. On the other hand, if you have injuries or discomforts that make walking difficult, especially with your knees, ankles or feet, swimming is a good choice with little impact.

Still, you really can not go wrong. "I would recommend the form of training you prefer," Cindy told POPSUGAR. "Some people like to run, but they hate swimming and vice versa." Weight loss requires consistency. If you really like the exercise you do, you are much more likely to follow it and see the results.

In any case, if weight loss is your goal, Cindy said that exercise intensity was the key. "Many people swim or run with the same intensity every time, usually with a low intensity," she said. "It's good for cardiovascular health, but does not lead to significant weight loss." If you wish to burn body fat, it is recommended to add at least twice a week short and fast intervals to your swimming or running training. In this way, you incorporate elements of intensive interval training (HIIT), with which you can burn more calories at the same time. Here you will find a swim break and a running workout to get you started. (And especially for running, you should follow these four tips to speed up weight loss.)

Swim or run? Cindy said, "No one is better than the other. This is what matters in the long run. "