Medical topics to make JLU Gießen understandable



CASTING – From Osteoarthritis to Osteoporosis to Diabetes (Diabetes): The range of topics covered in high level conferences is extensive and leads through the ABC of problems health and diseases. The focus is on the causes and treatment options, but especially on the prevention and possible relief for those affected by the treatment of symptoms. Since 2008, the orthopedist Prof. Henning Stürz has organized and directed the series of traditional events of the Justus Liebig University (JLU) and the Gießen-Marburg University Hospital (UKGM). Over the past eleven years, 132 conferences have been held, all of which have attracted a great deal of interest.

Now the doctor has handed over to Professor Bettina Kemkes-Matthes. The specialist in Internal Medicine and Head of the Interdisciplinary Research Program in Hemostasis will continue the format of the event. The official ceremony took place as part of the main conference in Kemkes-Matthes on the topic "Thinning of safe blood?" talked.

"Example of best practices"

"The JLU is a university for society and society, and we take our social responsibility very seriously." The conferences led by Professor Stürz are an example of best practice in the way medical subjects are made accessible to the general public. We have been very grateful to him for many years, "said JBU President Joybrato Mukherjee, and Professor Wolfgang Weidner, Dean, recognizes the achievements of the medical profession from a medical perspective:" The University Medical Center of Gießen offers excellent research and teaching opportunities and – with UKGM GmbH – state-of-the-art medical care in all areas of patient care has contributed to the fact that not only the experts have treated topics in general of medical interest, but also that the fear of contact could be reduced. "

During the winter semester 2008/09, Stürz took over the leadership and organization of the conferences of his predecessor, Professor Hans-Joachim Oehmke, who launched the program for the elderly in 1989 and directed two decades.

Kemkes-Matthes was appointed senior physician at the Giessen Center for Internal Medicine in 1994 and since 2006 has headed the UKGM's Interdisciplinary Focus in Hemostasis. Stock Photos: Docter / Maywald