Letter to the editor – Drugs, bottlenecks in delivery – Liechtensteiner Volksblatt, the daily newspaper Liechtenstein

According to the media, we again have bottlenecks in the delivery of drugs – as we did in May and August 2012, July and August 2017 and April 2018, etc. It is interesting to note that such publications are still published in the middle of the year, why?
Currently, there are analgesics, antihypertensives, antibiotics and vaccines. Another fear of the pharmaceutical giant? Or because z. B. Is aspirin too cheap? Or too low blood pressure have been sold? Or because more and more antibiotics are ineffective (resistance)? Or because too little is vaccinated? Already in March 2014, "the observer" had published an article (quotes): "The experts in the pharmaceutical sector are in agreement: most drugs can be safely consumed beyond the date of expiration "; "Every year, millions of expired medicines end up in garbage worth 500 million francs"; "… instead of destroying the expired medicines, you have to invest a few thousand francs for the tests of effectiveness" (final quotations). So who does that?
Susanne Wegenast interview with Swissmedic (quote): "From a medical point of view, a long lifespan is not necessary.Three to five years are ample.A drug must be targeted for a disease used and not stored as stock "(end quote).
Wow! Use drugs specifically and do not store! Why are drugs then stored in hospitals, doctors' offices and retirement homes and disposed of on the expiry date? How much, you pay by the patient, the medicines are destroyed in Liechtenstein? How much money could we save for premiums and taxpayers if we destroyed less drugs? Not to mention the fact that too much medicine makes it even more sick … and the motto should be: "As much as necessary, as little as possible" – by the way, said a renowned Swiss doctor.
I can only advise patients to check their medications sporadically (Polypharmacy Checklist). In addition, no big and many packages both "shopping" and hoarding.

Agnes Dentsch,
Poliweg 12, Ruggell