Günzburg remains "health region more" – Günzburg

Good news for the district of Günzburg: the successful project "Health Region Plus" can be continued.

This informed the Bavarian Minister of Health and Nursing, Melanie Huml, local MP Alfred Sauter in a letter. Since May 2015, the administrative district of Günzburg has become a more important health region, making it one of the 50 project areas funded by the Bavarian Ministry of Health and Nursing.

Funding ends in 2019

This funding expires on December 31, 2019. In the meantime. The budgetary appropriations necessary for the further promotion of health regions in the 2019/2020 double budget could be abolished. At its meeting of 16 May 2019 the Bavarian Parliament approved the budget with these appropriations. As a result, additional funding beyond the current five-year funding period is possible.

Health cooperation is strengthened

Currently, the Bavarian Ministry of Health and Care is developing the guidelines for funding. "I am pleased that the financial support of the Free State allows the development of sustainable concepts for the promotion, prevention and care of health and that the cooperation in the field of health in the district of Günzburg is still reinforced, "said MP Alfred Sauter, in favor of continuing the project. The promotion has begun.

Local actors can better assess the situation

Since local health care facilities and prevention offerings vary considerably in Bavaria, local actors can better assess the situation and develop tailor-made measures. Such locally developed solutions also have a higher binding effect and acceptance. The long-standing approaches "Health Regions", "Regional Conferences on Health" and "Healthy County – Round Tables for Health Promotion" have therefore been developed in more health regions.

Learn more about the health region more

The Health Plus region is a health network that facilitates cross-sectoral collaboration between regional decision-makers in the health sector and community decision-makers, providing a platform for exchange, coordination and cooperation between health care and health care stakeholders. community actors in the district.

A Health Plus includes a health forum, various working groups and an office. The Health Forum is responsible for the planning and management of the Health Region Plus. At least once a year, important regional actors come together in the county to help with health and prevention issues.

These include representatives of outpatient and hospital care, social security funds, representatives of local politics and various interest groups (eg elderly people, families, people with disabilities). In the working groups, the actors discuss concrete problems and develop proposals for solutions and recommendations for action. The office serves as a point of coordination and contact.