Allergies: pollen alert in summer! These 5 things aggravate your allergy!

Have you noticed that your allergies are sometimes more frequent than usual? This could be the solution:

Pollen season – a risk for people with allergies all year round

Did you think the pollen season is over? We must disappoint you. Although most pollen Make your rounds in the spring, you will not escape a little of your variety, even in summer. Please note the Pollen flight in Germany,


In case of pollen allergy, do not wear lenses during the pollen season or, if possible, go to the telescope. The pollen likes to extend on the lenses and cause an unpleasant eye irritation in the form of deposits.

You can not make friends with glasses with the best will? Half so bad. By wearing daily disposable lenses instead of monthly lenses, you can always do good for you. Day lenses should not be stored overnight in contact lens solutions. By eliminating the contained preservatives, you thus protect the eye from further irritation.


Does this miserable pollen and these bad itches stress you? Warning! Stress can also weigh down your already damaged immune system. "75% of allergy sufferers respond to stress with a single allergy"Says biopsychologist Angelika Buske-Kirschbaum of the Technical University of Dresden.

Tip: Try to stress the pollen in an area without pollen mentally. For example, the thought of the last ski vacation would be appropriate.

scented candles

Scented candles and allergy sufferers? Absolute non-go! Why? Because most scented candles are made of paraffin. These release irritating substances for the respiratory tract when they are burned. And if it's still nice smell? Even as an allergic person, you do not have to spend romantic hours to two in the light of a candle. Just switch to bee wax and soy to solve the allergy problem.

Fruits and vegetables

Fruits and vegetables are healthy? Of course! However, people with allergies should better peel or cook their fruits and vegetables before eating. Because some foods, like apples or tomatoes, have a protein on the surface when they are raw. This protein can confuse your body with an allergen. The "allergy syndrome" can cause scratches in the mouth and throat. Very disagreeable!


How bad is it! Pollen loves to hang our clothes and then lie down on our furniture, our sofa and generally throughout the apartment. To avoid this, people with allergies should change their clothes every day and wash them directly at 60 ° C.

Now you are confused, no? By following the tips above, we hope that your pollen allergy will be somewhat reduced.

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