With these tips, you stay slim on vacation

It's always frustrating: for months you work on the perfect bikini on the beach – as soon as the plane lands, but all the previous principles are thrown back to the sea.

Of course, having a relaxing vacation means sipping most cocktails and eating mostly pizza and pasta. Of course, having a good time is part of a vacation, but it's annoying to lose all your hard work in two weeks. But can you stay slim during your vacation – or even lose weight – without being strict about anything that tastes good and is fun to do without? Can you! With a little help …

Take off on vacation without being the fun brake? With these simple tips, you stay slim

Of course, no one wants to spend their holidays eating salad, drinking plain water and swimming 30 laps each morning. But with some simple tips, you can make the most of your vacation while remaining slim:

Discovery tour on foot

This is what most of them do anyway: on vacation, it is a good idea to walk a lot. Instead of using public transport, taxis or a rental car, many ways can also go very well. This has an effect not to underestimate the body, especially when you consider that even the sun rises. In addition, we often discover on foot bends where we would otherwise have gone.

Sleep well

Of course, one would like to use the time of a station significantly. But you should also take advantage of the time you have to finally sleep well. There is no better feeling than waking up in the hotel bed to wake up and be ready for a nice summer day. And the character thanks you for this long sleep!

Stay hydrated

The water is the best friend on vacation! In fact, always, but you scramble all day at 30 degrees in the shade, especially. And enough water also helps to stay slim: those who drink a lot have a full stomach and, as a result, a reduced hunger, besides thirst is often misunderstood, which leads to eating much more than half of the time. It is really necessary.

The holidays start at the airport

… and most of the time unhealthy food. Or has anyone ever eaten a healthy, balanced and satisfying meal in the air (without spending all of their vacation budget)? Although it 's free, eating in the air does not really make a gift to anyone: it' s full of sugar, fat and flavor enhancers, and usually this does not happen. not even good taste. But not to starve, the solution is called Meal Prep! After all, you've been planning your vacation for so long, because you can spend half an hour in the evening before for a healthy snack for the flight.

Share, is loving

In France, it's creme brulee, in Brazil, quindim and Thailand, glutinous rice with mango: desserts are often an integral part of a culture and are part of the way of life. You do not want to miss that! But the truth is that after you have eaten a traditional dish in the main course, you are usually pregnant with baby food, even without dessert. But if you do not want to miss culinary delights, a dessert is simply shared with the holiday companion, instead of just coating everything on your own.