Slow Medicine: Why patience matters in a medicine of the future

Is speed the current problem of medicine?

Not the speed itself, but the problem is how to treat patients. Slow Medicine is basically a silent and attentive presence. This promotes healing and overall health. The style of fast medicine, on the other hand, is frantic, quite the contrary.

Is slow medicine a counterpoint to the fast moving present? Was it just a matter of time before he arrived?

I would like to answer yes, but that's not the reason. I've seen the excesses of fast medicine, where every human problem, every disease is considered a mechanical failure that can be resolved with a quick fix, such as a pill, a machine, an application or a robot. It's not just a question of when Slow Medicine will be integrated into a system. We must all work to see "slowly", usually as a generally useful concept of life and being.

How can patients get the best medicine – Slow and Fast Medicine?

Patients should pay attention to what they themselves might be doing to slow down. They should look at themselves and their bodies, what surrounds them and what they consume. Patients should be skeptical about anything that is considered "new" and "improved". If you need a doctor, expect him to devote enough time to it. You must also understand the pressure of your doctor. But as a patient, you also have the right to ask questions. For example, what side effects might occur. In short, patients must be skeptical.

Does Slow Medicine mean that people must learn to deal with the fact that everything can not be healed or solved?

Yes of course. Life itself is the disease that we all have and that is not curable. It is quite natural that we move from one state to another by going from a healthy to a sick state. Along the way, we accumulate injuries, pain, chronic or incurable diseases. Sometimes Fast Medicine can do a great job at eliminating or mitigating them. Slow Medicine can always help, no matter what diseases we have. It's about values ​​like affection, presence or attention.