Medicine – New rules on the state of readiness of doctors

Anyone who needs a family doctor on weekends or holidays can go to the doctor's office from 9 to 11 o'clock. These opening hours were different until now. From 1 July, they are uniform throughout Lower Austria.

The reason is a new regulation of day care. This was necessary because the family doctors of the Administrative Court of Lower Austria were no longer obliged to remain on call on weekends and holidays.

What else is new? The costs are considerably increased – preparation, visits and ordination. According to Gerhard Hutter, President of NÖGKK, this would entail additional costs of 900,000 euros in the second half of the year. So about 26% more.

Participation in on-call service is voluntary. Positive experiences have already been made during emergency calls in Lower Austria with overnight preparation.

It is also new that preparation – more office hours before and after visits – does not last twelve hours but only six hours: from 8 am to 2 pm. With that, doctors could well rest Monday, according to Kurienobmann Dietmar Baumgartner.

"An excellent solution for everyone involved," said Christoph Reisner, president of the Lower Austria Medical Association. Health advisor Ulrike Königsberger-Ludwig and the President of the Nögus State Council, Martin Eichtinger, especially for the patients. Details, such as a possible voter turnout, that you want to clarify by the end of the year.