First phase of financing of the "Gesund Kommune Kaufbeuren" completed: presentation of the health report

Teacher. Dr. Markus Zinsmeister (from left to right), Faculty of Social Affairs and Health Kempten University of Applied Sciences, Julia Mergler, Project Manager at the City of Kaufbeuren Education Office, Mayor Stefan Bosse, Robert Klauer, chairman of the advisory board, AOK Kaufbeuren-Ostallgäu and head of the recreation department, Alfred Riermeier Bernd Ruppert, director of AOK Kaufbeuren-Ostallgäu, welcomes the submission of the report on health.

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Kaufbeuren – The city of Kaufbeuren wants to promote the health of its citizens. To this end, tailor-made offers in the area of ​​health promotion and prevention should be created, which will greatly facilitate the improvement of people's well-being. As a first step, data on health needs in Kaufbeuren were collected to determine the exact need for appropriate measures.

The results are now clearly reflected in the recently submitted health report. It is the objective of the first phase of funding the project "Gesunde Kommune Kaufbeuren", funded by the AOK.

As Mayor Stefan Bosse explained, it is absolutely helpful that the city is actively interested about health. "We are pleased that the analysis of the concrete framework conditions in Kaufbeuren is now complete, and I consider this a promising project for Kaufbeuren, which we wish to support intensively." Bernd Ruppert, Director of AOK Kaufbeuren-Ostallgäu, stressed that practical implementation is now approaching: "The brochure is undoubtedly a treasure trove of knowledge and no Drawer Thinking".

The collection of data was in the hands of the University of Kempten. Their representative Prof. dr. Markus Zinsmeister confirmed the central role of municipalities in the field of health. In his opinion, the majority of current modern clinical pictures address the reduction of risk factors, such as lack of exercise to properly control the situation. "It is precisely here that the behavior of individuals can be greatly influenced by the creation of conditions conducive to the promotion of health." He cited as a succinct example of numerous anti-smoking laws that had significantly reduced the number of smokers by introducing many measures. Or the Danish capital, Copenhagen, which motivates many people to browse its extremely user-friendly infrastructure for cyclists. In summary, one could say that the framework conditions determine the behavior of the human being.

As a target group of the "Healthy Kaufbeuren", elderly people, children and adolescents have been identified. Data collection included their specific needs as well as their needs. Mr Zinsmeister said that "one of the goals of the health report is to identify the health status of the target group and to identify specific action options for the city" . The report on children and adolescents in Kaufbeuren makes the following recommendations: Better use of digital media to promote prevention services Intensive physical activity – especially for children and young people from immigration – and attract popular and popular athletes from Kaufbeuren and the region as models of prevention work. According to Zinsmeister, young people are sitting too much today: "Sitting, that's the new smoke".

Zinsmeister sees important starting points in the prevention of older people's health in terms of physical activity and healthy nutrition. Here too, it would be necessary to digitize the corresponding offers, to create networks for the transmission of information and to ensure easy access to offers. Absolutely also people should be involved, in which their needs are determined.

Alfred Riermeier, director of the city's youth and family department, emphasized the importance of health today: "Living in good health is very important for many people, and we gladly support that as a municipality. ". So there will be a health day in September as part of the city race (we reported). In addition, Kaufbeuren participates in the City Bicycle action. Julia Mergler of the Education Office, responsible for the "Gesunden Kommune" project, concluded that the data collected was an ideal basis for health promotion at the municipal level: "The health report indicates possible recommendations In the next step, we want to make tailor-made offers in the area of ​​health promotion and prevention, with the aim of improving the well-being of citizens and promoting a healthy lifestyle. "

The health report can be viewed online at kommune. There is also other information here.