At this time: the wall of Wijer will fall

The Toggenburger Tagblatt publishes events from past times every week. What happened in Toggenburg 100, 50, 20 or 10 years ago?

Behind the rocks, a small valley has formed over the decades. (Photo: PD)

Behind the rocks, a small valley has formed over the decades. (Photo: PD)

100 years ago

June 11th: Wattwil. We have before us the 28th report of the Wattwil Hospital, which covers the year 1918. The insidious flu did not stop at the hospital doctor and his assistant. Both became ill soon after and with them six sisters. Meanwhile, the number of patients has gone from 92 to 30.

In a very friendly and courteous manner, the father of the chief physician, Prof. Dr. med. Baumann, his son, and in an equally appreciated manner, the doctors of the community, despite the great demands of their own practice, are sometimes available. Despite the poor weather and failure of patients during the flu epidemic, the total number of patients has not decreased.

With 726 new admissions, this represented 775 with 22,803 sick days, of which 275 people with 9,803 days of sick leave were allocated to the medical service and 500 people with 13,000 days of sick leave at the surgical ward. Mean meal duration was 29.42 days for medical service 34.64 and for surgical treatment 26 days. The average annual number of patients was 67.8 compared to 63.3 the previous year. The total number of surgeries in 1918 was 486. This is the highest number since the establishment of the hospital and the best references for the surgeon, Dr. Ing. Baumann.

As the report says, these were mainly major operations. Surprisingly, the large number of abdominal operations, nearly 43%. Of the 26 deaths, 12 are at the expense of influenza. At the end of this report, we are pleased to see that our hospital is well managed and managed. May he have a happy future!

50 years ago

June 9th: KrummenauHotelier Werner Bosshard-Jaggi, who died suddenly at the age of 49, was buried in the Ennetbühl cemetery. The deceased was the 30th of the series of known owners since 1500 of the Rietbad spa house on the Nesslau-Schwägalp road. As successor to his father, the former Gottlieb Township Council Bosshard Sel, he took over in 1955 the Rietbad.

At his initiative, the baths were modernized the following year. The most modern modern baths were next to very nice bathrooms and all the usual spa treatments such as bubble bath, carbonic bath, underwater jet massage, eviandusche, extension, inhalation, treatment at the spa. oxygen, etc.

20 years ago

June 9th: Stone. The Goggeien, the summit of the Steiner, should not be damaged by the demolition of Wijer's unstable wall. This is guaranteed by experienced demolition experts, who will work with 2.2 tons of explosives. In the spring of 1988, a mighty piece of rock burst from the Wijer Wall, which had been collapsing since time immemorial.

Aware of the consequences of this unpredictable natural event, Stein City Council contacted the Wattwiler, Keller und Partner Land Survey Office. Mountaineers in the SAC rescue column helped mark the stone towers. With periodic measurements, the movements of the rock can now be observed. "Since 1988, the rock, which has migrated on a layer of marl, has slipped a few meters into the valley and has also tilted towards Dürrenbach.The danger of an uncontrolled accident has steadily increased," he said. Hans Keller, engineer at Wattwiler.

In motion, not only the rocky area, but a vast wooded area of ​​about 1.8 hectare, which has roughly the shape of an isosceles triangle. With respect, geologists call the mountain of the Steiner Ridge, called the extreme mountain of Kalkalpen, a chaotic mountain.

10 years ago

June 8th: LichtensteigPeople in historical costumes and a magician revived Berlin from the penultimate turn of the century. Including the barbaric organs, which led the elephants of the Berlin Zoo with their trunks in the twenties.

June 9th: Mosnang. Both Mosnanger teams triumphed in the final of the 1st league of the Swiss Radballer Championship: gold and silver. Joel Schnellmann and Ralf Breitenmoser triumphed ahead of teammates Rafael Wohlgensinger and Andreas Ammann. Both teams go up Nat. B on.

June 11th: Thick. In 1459 – 550 years ago – Dicken was mentioned for the first time in a document. The whole village actively contributed to the design and preparation of the celebration. The proceeds of the festival are the first to cover the expenses incurred, the rest of the village being well restored.