Allergic reaction in 200 festival-goers

  • Update Rock in the Park 2019: The procession butterflies of oak cause an allergic reaction among 200 visitors of the festival.
  • organizer Rock in the park 2019 points on the move precautionsInfested trees were secured with tape and leaflets were warned of the dangerous caterpillar.
  • For Camper, another place had been planned.

It was like that Sunday in 2019

Oak Processionary Calls 200 Victims – Relief Service Warns

A small caterpillar helped the assistants to deal with the situation: The processionary oak, an allergy-inducing poison, was at the origin of 200 inserts. Cases were according to BRK data, however all less serious and could be treated locally. Rock fans were always asked to avoid infested campsites and avoid others.

Late in the evening of Saturday, at 22 h 41, the organizer of Rock in the park had already commented in a press release the infestation of the festival area by processions of oaks. drew attention to the processors of oak processors, "he says.

The field was checked regularly during the festival and the new nests were removed after the discovery "bestmglich". For those who had pitched their tent in the immediate vicinity of infested trees, camping CP 8.3 on Luitpoldhain had been proposed as an alternative.

Situation on Saturday: festival visitors camp next to dangerous tracks

Visitors celebrated and slept next to poisoned nests. For humans, these are Dangerous butterfly caterpillarsThere is in her hair a poison of nettle that can cause skin irritation, itching and allergic shock.

Infested trees were often surrounded by tents. Many visitors were not very worried: "In fact, we just searched for a vacant space and saw a surface under the tree," said a camper. Good medical"It was only when we installed the tents that we looked up, but then we said to ourselves: it's good." The other visitors had to be treated.

Previously many nests destroyed

With a pallet truck and a fire, a team of pest eliminators had cleaned one hundred nests of the oak processionary on the site of Dutzendteich before 9 o'clock Thursday morning. In the morning, the experts left the festival premises. All nests the dangerous caterpillar, however, could not removed be. New work has been discovered, says Andr Winkel of the urban services company SR Good medical,

With flattened tape, the infested trees were cut. Thursday morning, the first festival goers have already unleashed on the ground of Rock in the park.

The oak processionary chain was discovered on Monday

A week earlier, the city of Nuremberg had again examined the festival grounds around the Dutzendteich and was not found. Then the bad news.

Monday, an important infestation was discovered with processions of oaks on 50 trees. This relates the angles of SR. On Wednesday, the situation has deteriorated further: 100 trees are now infested. Experts opposed the toxic butterfly caterpillar. Wednesday afternoon, the number of employees in the field has been increased to 40.

Poison of nettle in hair dangerous for humans

The city had the Special company commissionedTwenty groups of two employees each attacked the processionary. With a pallet truck, an employee was brought to the nests in the trees. This flame out of the nest and then sucked. The trees were not damaged depending on the angle.

This is how visitors of the festival recognize the nests of the oak processionary

Also, Umweltschtzer generally considers that the action against the caterpillars is necessary. "The health problem is serious, it's no exaggerated caution"said Thomas Norgall of the German Federation for the Environment and Nature Protection of the DPA In the forest, you can close the affected roads, but the more it sinks into the settlement areas, the more it becomes problematic.

The pest is at recognize typical nestslike a white canvas or a thick web of spiders extending around strong branches or forks. The nests look like the harmless Gespinstmotte. The oak processionary is an invisible butterfly whose wing is only 25 to 30 millimeters.