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Lose weight with hypnosis | Elmar Bass

Hypnosis with hypnosis is possible in practice for hypnosis Hamburg at the hypnotherapist and the alternative practitioner for psychotherapy. phil. Elmar Bass.
Many people who want to lose weight but do not do it alone suffer from what they themselves call a treat. In the clinical sense of the term, it is not without problem to really talk about addiction, says the hypnotherapist Elmar Bass, because at least the withdrawal symptoms are not or very little present as an essential feature of the addiction. As a general rule, there is no physical withdrawal. Psychologically, however, the cessation of sweets is often quite noticeable, especially with regard to irritability, agitation and increased tension for preparation for aggression (not to be confused with violence). This mental "withdrawal" is an effect of the lack of endorphins, which are released by the consumption of confectionery and help to soothe and improve the mood of consumers, explains Elmar Bass of the practice of the drug. hypnosis in Hamburg.
Affected people, who usually adjust their mood swings and especially their depressed mood for many years, for significant amounts of chocolate, cakes, cookies and food. Other treats may actually be under considerable pressure when they do so. refrain from consuming sweets.
The deterioration of mood naturally affects the entire lifestyle, says hypnotherapist Dr. med. phil. Elmar Bass. The executions of everyday life are made much more difficult and are stressful when the nerves no longer receive their sedative sweetener. Affected individuals may become lean, even a minimal stimulus may cause a discharge of their blood pressure.
Of course, in these conditions, it can be more and more difficult to keep your motivation, not to eat sweets. As a reason or as an "excuse", it is often assertion, one can not do otherwise, one has weak willpower. This is precisely what other people who do not suffer from the problem of "cravings" oppose, according to the hypnotherapist Elmar Bass. In the true sense of the term, however, it is not a weakening of the will, because the will is usually there, but also the suffering caused by the increase in weight. But the nervous conditions may be such that it is perceived as too expensive to abandon the previous tranquillizers.
That's why it can be so important to use hypnosis to experiment that it's possible to let go of the interior, says Elmar Bass of Praxis für Hypnose Hamburg.

Does not the experience often make the difference? Customers benefit from the intense daily work that Dr. Ing. phil. Elmar Bass exercises with hypnosis and brought him a great experience.
In his practice of hypnosis in Hamburg, psychotherapist Elmar Basse has been offering hypnosis and hypnotherapy clinical services for many years. Clinical hypnosis at Elmar Bass can help solve a lot of problems. These include stopping smoking and weight loss, but also treating anxiety and pain and so much more. Interested parties can also contact us by phone or email to find out if their problems can be treated by hypnosis at Elmar Bass. The appointment can be made by phone. But there is also an online journal available on the internet, via the appointment can be made directly electronically.

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