SVL National Council Glarner feels disturbed and wants to report callers

Can the National SVP Council give Glarner better than plug it in? Image: KEYSTONE

Glarner takes his own medicine – and does not tolerate it

Andreas Glarner feels annoyed, as reports. After the publication of the mobile phone number of a young Zurich teacher by the National Council of Vice-Presidents of Aargau, who asked him to give his opinion, he now receives many phone calls and SMS.

The teacher, who had correctly informed Muslim parents of the settlement according to which their Bayram festival children would not be attending school, according to Glarner's appeal, was so covered with calls and sometimes hateful letters. that she has temporarily withdrawn from school.

Now, Glarner must obviously swallow her own medicine – and she does not seem to like it: the SVP politician threatens people who call "investigating authorities". This is shown in the screenshot of this tweet by Olivier Oswald:

Glarner also confirmed to that he "would partially report people who repeatedly call and always hang up."

Glarner is under pressure. Within the SVP, there is resentment about the behavior of the National Council. The issue should be added to the agenda of the group meeting next Tuesday, reports Sonntagsblick.

On Friday, a Facebook post from a mother whose daughter is learning the girl by the concerned teacher received wide support. The mother accuses Glarner of having "launched an incredible hunt" and urges him to think twice before acting:


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