Media hype about spermidine: the answer to anti-aging?

Höhö, they said sperm … yes almost. But the name does not come by chance. Spermindine is a natural substance that has been found in sperm, but also in countless foods. Best of all: spermindine slows cellular aging and keeps us young.

In the sperm is at the origin of all life. Yes it is clear! The hype surrounding spermidine is quite important and justified. What's behind it? Spermidine is a combination of amino acids – also called polyamines – that are responsible for our cell division. a international research teamthat of the Med Kingdom Innsbruck was guided, the supposed effect was more accurate and could prove to extend life in a culture of human cells.

Higher consumption of spermidine is associated with lower mortality, especially for cardiovascular and cancerous diseases. Up to five more years can bring you a diet rich in spermidine. Not bad not bad.

Spermidine – hype or fountain of youth?

We have a lot to thank for the 70s: jewelry, Star Wars or ACDC. Spermidine has also been discovered at the age of wild pubic hair and disco music – in male seminal fluid, which contains much of the natural substance. Question on the naming done.

The most important task of spermidine is the Self-cleaning cells – as well Autopaghic process called. Spermidine is contained in the human body at different concentrations, reduces molecular waste in the cells and accelerates their renewal – a real boost in detoxification. This process ensures a complete regeneration of our body. Say: spermidine keeps us young and crispy.

A healthy diet, sufficient physical activity and good accelerated metabolism also ensure a higher concentration of spermidine in our body. At an advanced age, however, the spermidine content of our body begins to decrease. It means: wrinkles, age spots, anti-aging skin care products and cosmetic surgery (?)

Who has the substance?

Fortunately, you can fight the drop in spermine content by eating healthy good things, Good sources are for example Cheese, mushrooms or too much Legumes. In general, you do something good for your body if you eat a lot of spermidine.

The following foods also contain the substance of youth:

  • wheat germ
  • Carrot and broccoli
  • Dried soybeans
  • peas
  • rice bran
  • Chicken liver
  • Chickpeas

The Graz start-up is developing a spermidine product

The KF University and the start-up Graz Longevity Labs have jointly developed and launched a high-dose spermidine product. Spermidinelife is called all and comes in capsule form. Spermidine is extracted from wheat germ, which has a particularly high spermidine content. At the same time, it's the world's first and only product of its kind, and if you do not have the time to overload a healthy diet and do a lot of sports, you can turn to the dietary supplement.

Of course, there is a third option to get the precious spermidine. But you've probably seen that coming.

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