Lego Friends Heartlake Hospital Part 1 Build Review Silly Play Kids Toys

Hospital! Heartlake City Lego Hospital! There are wonderful details in this building, and I accelerated boring and slowed down. There's a new LEGO Friends baby, a handsome doctor, a stroller, a stroller / stroller, a baby cot, and good, too much to write about that you should watch the video. Designers have surpassed themselves with all the abilities / disability toilets and entrances to the hospital, the baby changing table in the bathroom, the rock tip, the arm and the head bandages, and I can continue. I think I need a couple of Heartlake hospitals to make some changes, add a few chapters, have so many plans! I hope you enjoy this building, it's awesome.

2 part

The LEGO® Friends Heartlake Hospital has 3-floor medical rooms and facilities to assist patients. There is a crib with cribs and weighing scales, X-ray cabinet with scanner and light box, exam room with bed and microscope for sample testing. The upper waiting room has a reception and a vending machine, as well as an emergency entrance for people arriving by ambulance or helicopter. Includes 3 mini doll shapes and a newborn figure.

Includes 3 miniature doll figures: Olivia in Nurse Uniform, Henry and Dr Patel and Newborn Ola.
There are 3 floors, a modular hospital, a helicopter with stretchers, ambulances with wheels, a wheelchair, a stroller, a medical bag and a bicycle.
The hospital has a waiting room with sliding doors, reception, seating area, vending machine, water cooler and aquarium; emergency entrance with swing door; X-ray cabinet with rotating bed, scanner, light box and skeleton; children's nursery with whirlpool, weighing scales and bathroom with dressing table; exam room with bed, heart monitor and microscope; and helicopter.
The accessories are hand casting, x-ray tiles, magnifying glass, sample bottles, scissors, wet floor sign and feeding bottle.
Jump to action when the ambulance arrives and hurry the patient through the emergency entrance.
Take Henry's hand x-ray and put his hand into the treatment.
Enjoy feeding and weighing your newborn in kindergarten.
Help your doctor to treat patients when they make a round with a medical cart.
Explore endless stories about caring for people and health.
Create and restore this modular set in a variety of ways.

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