Jungfrau Zeitung – Summer time is the current time

Difference of 60 yearsJune 9, 2019

"Stop, stop! I have forgotten sunscreen", which happened more often in the last days. I have a fair complexion, that's why I am affectionately called "cheese." Without sunscreen, I will soon be like a tomato.After coating the hard cream, I like to go to the lake at high temperatures.After a long day of school in the classroom stifling, I am happy to take a refreshment.The heat makes me slow and unproductive.

Fortunately, I have the privilege of living near Lake Thun. I just have to walk a few hundred meters to reach my favorite spa. The old Schifflände has a beautiful stone staircase that leads to the water. The ivy benches wrap around the fence and there are not many swimmers. While diving in the cool water, I flee the burning sun. I dive a few movements and swim around the buoys. How good it works! I do not need to take a long bath to cool off. Lake Thun is quite cold. When I come out of the water, I am much more fit.

Sometimes I sit for a moment to warm myself up. But the intense sun rays get too hot for me. I prefer to go home and put myself at ease in the garden. I lie on a deck chair in the shade of the plants. In peace, I eat my ice cream and drink cold lemon water. I would like to go through a book and let the day end in a relaxed way. But the reality is usually different. We, the students, are not spared from homework and testing, even on the hottest summer days. Instead of reading a thriller, I learn French vocabulary.

After work, the sun weakens. Fortunately, it still seems so long that I can walk around at 8pm with a light dress. I adore being able to finally take out the tops and floral shorts from the closet.

In summer, the garden becomes a living room. Outside, we eat and we live. The pergola is invaded by wisteria, which provides shade even at noon. In the evening the temperature is nice despite everything and allows us to eat outside. Of course, we often grill or prepare cold and refreshing soups. For a long time we sit at the table and discuss. Summer time is the most common period: I like it during the hot season. I do a lot with my friends and my family. We test different beach baths and jellies, we get up to paddle or ride a bike, but we also want to take the dinghy to the Aare for a long time.

I have a lot of ideas for the summer, but honestly, most of the time, it is too hot for me. At the highest temperatures, I hardly dare leave the house and if, then, jump into the lake. Even several times a day. We all know the unpleasant aspects of summer, but until that happens, it will take a few more weeks. For the moment, we should enjoy the first very hot days, the winter has been long enough. Who is here