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International Conference on Medical Cannabis in Ukraine 2019

Yanina Sokolova, an actress, journalist and television presenter, who has publicly used and recognized medical cannabis as a cancer patient.

The use of cannabis in medicine is also being discussed in Ukraine. At the second specialist conference on the subject in the state, employees of the agency Sowjet GmbH were on hand to get an idea of ​​the situation in this region and make a contribution to the discussion. Here is a brief report on the findings and circumstances that could be captured in Kiev during the interviews. CCIM 2019 in retrospect.

Hundreds of doctors and patients, as well as activists and interested people attended the International Conference on Medical Cannabis (IMCC) in Kiev on May 31st. The first event of this type in the history of Ukraine was held on April 20, 2018.

This year, Ukrainian patients and doctors asked parliamentarians to legalize cannabis for medical and scientific purposes. "Ukraine can not stay away from scientific advances and new technologies that could help Ukrainian patients"Said the organizer and president of the Ukrainian Association of Medical Cannabis Gennady Shabas.With the support of the Ministry of Health and the Department of Veterans Affairs, the IMCC 2019 took place officially and in Public Interest Medical cannabis is a medicine and should be available to all patients who need it, says Acting Minister of Health Uliana Suprun.

Jindřich Vobořil – former Chairman of the Czech Government's Drug Policy Coordination Council, author of the Czech Medicinal Cannabis Law.

According to estimates, about two million patients in Ukraine could use cannabis for medical purposes. These include more than 200,000 children suffering from a form of treatment-resistant epilepsy, as well as hundreds of thousands of cancer patients who could benefit from marijuana for medical purposes to reduce the symptoms of their disease. Ukrainian psychiatrists, meanwhile, are hoping for cannabis, which could help treat post-traumatic stress disorder, which still afflicts many war victims after the conflict in eastern Ukraine.

For this reason, a legislative initiative (№10313) was submitted to the Ukrainian Parliament for the purpose of permitting the use of cannabis for medical purposes. The initiative was introduced after a petition had collected 250,000 signatures. The legislative initiative was presented to Parliament on May 28, despite the announcement not to put it on the agenda. The next opportunity to decide on the use of cannabis in medicine was the parliamentary meeting of June 6, 2019, about which, unfortunately, there is still no published information.