How to lose weight while sleeping

For a healthy and slim body, it takes more than a balanced diet and exercise – and enough sleep! Why and how many hours you have to sleep to reduce your weight, we explain here …

You probably also wanted to get rid of the last pesky pounds overnight. Relax on the pillow, close your eyes and wake up refreshed and slender the next morning. Hach, what a dream. There is even a spark of truth. Because our sleep has a direct influence on our eating habits and therefore also on the success of our customers. What happens in our body while we sleep and the number of hours of rest that you should enjoy during the night to lose weight, we have discovered for you …

According to the study, sleep affects our weight

Not without reason, the sleep of the night also calls beauty sleep. Because, as we sink into our thoughts and dreams, our body takes advantage of the break to recharge its energy reserves. At the same time, our cells are renewed, the brain recovers and processes important impressions, and our hormonal balance returns to balance. So, if you sleep well, you will not wake up the next day without dark circles, you can concentrate better, be more creative and feel completely balanced, relaxed and fit. And that can positively influence its weight. For a healthy and slim body, it does not need a trendy diet, but a healthy and balanced lifestyle: balanced diet, regular exercise and just enough sleep.

A recent study from the US National Institutes of Health revealed that a night of irregular sleep increased the risk of obesity, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, and high blood pressure. d & # 39; hyperglycemia. As a result, it should already an hour shift in bed can increase up to 27% the risk of developing a metabolic disease, Another study, published in January 2019 in the Journal of Neuroscience, revealed that that there is a direct link between sleep deprivation and the neural reward system of the brain. As a result, we tend to reward ourselves with too little sleep with sweet and fatty snacks instead of eating healthy. In addition, adequate sleep allows our hormonal balance to regain its balance, especially hormones ghrelin and leptin, responsible for our hunger or our satiety.

It takes so much sleep to lose weight

So now, to preserve: how many hours of sleep does our body need to get the positive effects on health and the body? The scientists here are not quite unanimous, but If we take into account the results of the studies, seven to nine hours of sleep a night is the best way to have a positive impact on weight. Although sleep researchers recommend an average of 7.5 hours per night, they provide a 8.5-hour study in 2010 to increase fat burning. In any case, it is clear that, above all, getting enough sleep is good for our body. So, in bed!

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