Can you lose weight with Seed Cycling?

Many women could almost climb the wall the previous days: headaches, stomach ailments and incessant desire to eat all the time. Yes, complaints for premenstrual syndrome can be really cruel …

But a diet now promises to regulate hormonal balance and reduce premenstrual symptoms.

The seed cycle: What is the hormonal diet?

The hormonal diet is to establish a better balance with the help of what is called the seed cycle. Adapted to the phase of the cycle, seeds and nuts are integrated into the diet, which helps the female body to form the hormones estrogen and progesterone.

Nuclei are the same suppliers of valuable vitamins, healthy fats and nutrients that the body desperately needs for hormonal synthesis and can not produce it itself.

Advocates of the hormonal diet promise that one can balance the hormonal balance in the diet – and without chemical drugs.

How to lose weight with the hormonal diet exactly?

The hormonal diet includes pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, flax seeds and sesame seeds – those who have them at home and can start them directly with them.

Of course, it is important for the hormonal diet that you know your cycle. Let's start with day 1 of the period. In the so-called follicular phase (from the first to the fourteenth day), it is recommended to consume about one tablespoon of pumpkin seeds and linseeds, which should promote the formation of estrogen in the body.

In the second phase of the female cycle, however, the luteal phase uses sunflower seeds and sesame seeds – another tablespoon a day. They are supposed to support the formation of the hormone progesterone.

You can add the seeds and seeds to the muesli, mix them with the porridge or turn them into a delicious smoothie. In general, the cores must be freshly ground – so they always contain all the vitamins and nutrients.

Does the hormonal diet really work?

Until now, there is no clear scientific proof that the seed cycle actually balances the hormone balance. However, an American study showed that flaxseed reduces hot flushes during menopause.

In addition, the nutritionist Dr. emphasizes med. Carsten Lekutat in his book "An apple makes you healthy, three apples make a foie gras": "We must simply recognize that medicine must always be considered individually and that the art of healing is indeed an art and only partially a science ". In other words, what works for one woman does not have to be effective for another for a long time.

Since the effort of the hormonal diet is relatively low and the seeds are anyway healthy fat suppliers, the principle applies so: "Try makes it smart".

Conclusion: Can you also lose weight with the hormonal diet?

What you need to keep in mind, of course: kernels, seeds and nuts contain fats with more calories than carbohydrates and proteins. If you exceed the amount of one tablespoon a day, you must keep an eye on the calories for not gaining weight.

In general, healthy flax and flax fats are useful for those who want to eat healthier. If the symptoms of PMS are further alleviated – keyword attacks – you will definitely lose weight with the hormonal diet.

To achieve a healthy and long-term weight reduction, we recommend a change of diet. Radical diets can cause and promote eating disorders. A eating disorder is a serious illness that requires the help of a professional. If you or a member of your family is affected by an eating disorder, you will find, for example, the addiction hotline (089/28 28 22) help. Here you can – anonymously, without obligation and for free – constantly talking with someone who advises you, supports you and listens to you.