A very round birthday !: 112-year-old German Red Cross

The German Red Cross will turn 112 this year. If this is not a reason to celebrate this! In the aftermath of emergency number 112, the Haltern DRK was invited with the Haltern technical rescue center, the DLRG Ortsgruppe Haltern, the rescue dog DRK Einsatzbildung Recklinghausen, the Maltese Haltern, the volunteer fire department, the police NRW and DRK Kreisverband Recklinghausen on Saturday for a very special kind birthday.

Despite the parallel celebrations organized at the Schützenfest, many families took the opportunity to spend a colorful day with all kinds of shows in and around the DRK building on Recklinghäuser Strasse. Throughout the rescue operations, which are part of the daily life of the organizers, visitors were able to get a complete idea of ​​the various events. Spectacular was the rollover simulator of the ADAC Driving Safety Center Westphalia.

For dog lovers, the appearance of the rescue squadron was certainly a highlight. The services provided by four – legged assistants in case of emergency prevent many people from holding their breath. Brave animals would not hesitate to climb brittle scaffolding, crawl through narrow tunnels and swing on narrow beams to save lives.

Other actions were waiting: for the kids, there was the Teddy DRK clinic to visit, facial makeup, an inflatable ambulance castle and the human kicker. At eleven o'clock, blood was donated to DRK Blood Transfusion Service West. At their expense, especially Star Wars fans have come. Important visitors included Darth Vader and Storm Trooper, aka Dennis Hanisch, and his show troupe with fantastic costumes. The showmen are part of the "501st Legion", the largest costume club in the world, and have been specially arrived for the DRK action day.

To the sporting and humorous excellence then ran the members of the Landesturnriege police North Rhine-Westphalia. Acrobatics and clowns have amazed the audience. That the police are a friend and an assistant is well known. That they are sportsy too. But as many acting, comic and gymnastic talents would not have been suspected. There was no more dry eye!

Of course, we took care of the physical well-being of the many guests! In addition to refreshing cold drinks, there were grilled delights and coffee and cakes.

For dog lovers, the appearance of the rescue squadron was one of the highlights.